Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Things I'm Excited About This Weekend

{does this even count as a blog post?}
1.)I get paid on Friday and I can.not.wait.  Budgeting isn't easy, and sometimes I run out of money.
2.) Because of number one, I can buy dog food, check out the Jee-dub(G.W. = Goodwill) and get a few groceries.
3.) Sketchy Thrift Store, I missed you last week! What treasures lie within your walls?
4.) Free Starbucks drink on Saturday.  EEE!  I knew my stars would finally add up. Speaking of...I have a secret tattoo.
5.) Fountain drink Friday.  If I drink a coke more than once(not counting Sunday post long-run cause thats a given) a week, I will become addicted to it like a hooker on smack.
6.) Long run Sunday.  Lets try and go further than five miles, Brandi.

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