Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On What I Want Home to Feel Like

A few weeks ago, some of my long lost college friends came into town and stayed with me.  One of my friends told me, in reference to my home's style, "Brandi, everytime I look around, I see something new".  My heart smiled.
A few days ago, my friend Charlotte at Living Well on the Cheap wrote about what she wants her home to feel like. My mind wandered.
In years past, I had a majority of gray rooms and cool colors, but one day I really looked at my pinterest boards and tried to deduce a trend.  What wall colors, arrangements, and elements continue to pop up? 
Armed with that information, I started changing the feel of my home to reflect these things.  In the spring I began with my newly-painted white guest room, then a newly-painted white master bedroom, and just two weeks ago with a newly-painted white living room.  I'm a big fan of Scandinavian design, and I feel that white walls truly let what adorns them shine through.  Everything suddenly feels more important, like a gallery.  A clean slate in my slightly messy & dog-fur-covered home. 
White is good, but what do I want my home to feel like?
Well, I want it to feel like it does, both now and in progress. Like there are things to be seen. Things that are meaningful to me, and unique to everyone else. Like a collection of sorts. Not everyone will get it. To some it will be disorganized or weird or quirky or ugly, but the heart wants what it wants.
Everything in life happens in what seems to be haphazard and random sort of way, but in the end it turns out how it should.  The stars in the sky look like a bunch of dots strewn about in the night, but once you take the time to look at them with a discerning eye, you will notice that they form the shapes and figures as they have for millions of years. 
And that is why I am happy in my home as it is, as it changes, and as it will be.
And why I have nine permanent dots to remind me that those stars that are not random.  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I'm Social Like Its 2009

This weekend, I had a bit of a Theta Reunion with three of my besties from college.  Well...technically two, since Courtney and I have dinner every Friday night and drink coffee every Saturday morning, while she's living here in the Red Stick with her medical school husband.
I've been planning this weekend for close to a month.  I'm a creature of habit, and Saturdays usually consist of thrifting, lounging, DIY-ing something, hydrating, and going to bed eary so that I can go running early on Sunday morning.  Knowing that I couldn't stick to my normal routine made me a little nervous, but knowing that I was going to have some of my best friends together in one place made up for it.  No, I didn't enjoy cleaning my house for my two overnight guests, but whatev.
Look, I even bought very expensive Whole Foods flowers for the occasion. Cause fresh flowers make a room.   

Friday afternoon, Tracey met me at my house, and then she, Courtney and I went to get greasy dinner at Walk-On's.  Courtney and I have dinner every Friday to celebrate Fountain Drink Friday, and usually invite her husband.  He never ever ever wants to come, but this time we had to break his little heart(kidding -- I don't think he wants to hang out with a bunch of girls who speak in their own language) and tell him he was not welcome at our Theta Reunion. 
Drinks Consumed: 1 Tin Roof Blonde Draft
1 Water
Circa 2009, Courtney and I purchased $5.00 tailgating chairs from Winn Dixie, and we went on a search for those after dinner.  Tracey's breathy GPS kept us entertained, but we found no chairs in the grocery store that felt like Arctic Winter.
The next morning, I drug Tracey to an estate sale(cause I CANNOT miss a Parker Estate Sale), we picked up Starbucks, and Kristen came to my house.  We put on our LSU gameday wear, Courtney & her husband picked us up, and we drove to campus.  We walked 1.1 miles to the tailgate, and spent two hours chatting it up, having some drinks, and generally enjoying our lovely Saturday. 
Our mimosa's look like some kind of amatetto and pineapple nonsense in this photo, but they were yum.

Drinks Consumed: 1 Grande Starbucks Iced Coffee
1.5 Mimosas, heavy on the sparkle
1 Tin Roof Watermelon Wheat Beer
1 8 oz Bud Light
When the game began, we walked ourselves 1.1 miles back to the car, I spilled my drink because some things never change, and we continued our party at BJ's Brewhouse to partake in $6.00 mini pizzas & $4.00 draft beer with a big television.  LSU won; we were tired.
Drinks Consumed: 1 Harvest Hefeweizen
4-5 Glasses of Water
1 Cup of Coffee
We dropped the husband off at home, then the four of us girls went back to my condo to blab about the last few years and relive college through my cool scrapbooks.  Thank goodness I scrapbooked some of my life, or I wouldn't rememeber any of it.
How did we go from this:
to this:
to this? 

{...and why didn't anyone tell me how rough I looked for my one social occasion of the month?}


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Things I'm Excited About This Weekend

{does this even count as a blog post?}
1.)I get paid on Friday and I can.not.wait.  Budgeting isn't easy, and sometimes I run out of money.
2.) Because of number one, I can buy dog food, check out the Jee-dub(G.W. = Goodwill) and get a few groceries.
3.) Sketchy Thrift Store, I missed you last week! What treasures lie within your walls?
4.) Free Starbucks drink on Saturday.  EEE!  I knew my stars would finally add up. Speaking of...I have a secret tattoo.
5.) Fountain drink Friday.  If I drink a coke more than once(not counting Sunday post long-run cause thats a given) a week, I will become addicted to it like a hooker on smack.
6.) Long run Sunday.  Lets try and go further than five miles, Brandi.
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