Tuesday, June 4, 2013

About that frustration...

So...speaking of that frustration I mentioned yesterday...well, I won't say that I actually did much, but I did do something.  Profound, yes? 
Anyways, I am expecting company in the next few days, and in an effort to not look like I had started a dust collection in my bedroom, I changed my air conditioner's air filter and decided to tackle the one-inch layer of dust which had taken up residence on every piece of art on my bedroom walls.  Realizing that this dust was much bigger than my microfiber duster, I proceeded to take every single item off of the wall so that I could sweep it with a broom.  While I was sweeping non-floor surfaces, I went ahead and swept my ceiling, creating a storm of dust and sheetrock, thanks to the very hip popcorn texture that I've yet to remove. 

After dusting, and vacuuming, I didn't have the energy to put everything up, nor was I sure that I wanted to head in the same direction as this room had been for the last four years, so I decided to leave my walls mostly bare and put the rug in the wash.  I swapped a pinstriped flat sheet for a dotted flat sheet and a solid set of pillowcases for a striped set of pillowcases, and borrowed a coral blanket from the guest room.  I taped some of my race numbers above my bed with washi tape on a whim, and suprisingly, I like it. 

No, its not complete, but for the time being, I am content with it while I take my time to dream up what my future bedroom will look like.  I have a suspision that it will still be girly(because, HELLO, I'm single...and girly), but moody.  I don't want to rush into anything, and it didn't cost me one cent to remove things from the room. 
In fact, I think it is quite nice to be able to see this room with fresh eyes and no expectations.
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