Friday, May 31, 2013


I'm a girl and sometimes I get frustrated with things.  Sometimes its getting stood up for lunch, sometimes it the printer not working, and sometimes its my house.
I love my little condo, but I've got the decorating bug, and my neighbors have been known to ask me, "What room are you painting next?".  I just like to be surrounded by things that I love, and currently, my girly bedroom isn't quite cutting it.
This photo is from January 2012.  You can look at this post to see more details of the room.  While its not bad(it is relaxing), I want some changes to be made.  I' ma little less girly these days, and a little more eclectic, so I'm itching to mix things up a little.  I would like to add some curtains, make the bears some custom beds out of a few old pillows I have lying around, and possibly paint my dresser a glossy black, and put a different statement piece on the wall.
I'm not sure where this is going, and I haven't even revealed my guest room yet, but sometimes a girl's gotta vent.

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