Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Time I Went MIA

Whale,  I went MIA again.
Yes, I mean, Missing In Action.
Yes, I also mean that I went to the land of Palm Trees and Lambourghinis. 
 I went to Miami to visit my best friend, Courtney.
Before I could pack, I had to have every single piece of clothing that I own, laundered and put away.  If its not, then I don't think I can make educated decisions about what few pieces I can pack in my carry-on.  I know.  Ridiculous.
I also kind of dislike flying.  Once I'm up in the air, I'm fine...but the hours and minutes before take-off, I'm kind of a mess.  This time, I decided to fly out of the Baton Rouge Airport rather than make the hour and a half drive to New Orleans then pay to leave my car there.  Sure, Ryan Airport is a little pricier, but the convenience is worth it.  If I can fly out of Baton Rouge again, I will.  Oh, and my flight left at 5:20 am.  Thats early.  That also means that most people will be quiet.  And there's just something about looking down at the city lights.  I flew from BTR to Houston, and then Houston to Miami. 
When I arrived, we followed our tradition of getting burgers, lounged about, and then tried our hardest to go to South Beach, but parking was not to be found, and so we ended up at another mainland beach where liquor was prohibited, and there were small children who looked like us.  And a bunch of dogs. 
The little dark haired one in pink, and the little messy-ponytailed one were our mini-me's.  Messy ponytail-ed one somehow got an ice cream cone and got it all over herself.  Being an ex-chubby kid, I found that amusing. 
Courtney and I poured beer into our cups in the car, and pretended like they were not alcoholic and noticed a bunch of dogs at this Florida beach.  I finished reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Greene, which I had read 3/4 of on the plane ride in, but since I knew I was going to cry, I saved the last part for the beach where my eyes would be shielded by sunglasses.  My favorite book is Summer Sisters by Judy Blume, but this is my other favorite book.  Really.  Complete tie.  I felt like I was reading some kind of tragic lovestory that I could have written since I tend to think how the main character thinks.  How an older guy can write in such a way as a 27 year old girl can think, I'll never know. 
I don't actually have much to say about our vacation...but here are some snippets of random Brandi Thoughts:
Courtney's husband went to work. We went(successfully) to the beach.  See.  Parking.
Some Canadians thought that we sounded trustworthy and asked us to watch their things while they went to go play in the ocean.  See.  Canadians canoodling on the right.
We contemplated just how much we've moved up in life now that we can afford to rent chairs at the beach and not have to lay on the hot bumpy sand. We still couldn't afford an umbrella.  See. We aren't under an umbrella. 
We drank Pina Coladas and Strawberry Daiquiris which were super expensive.  See.  Dranks.
We had brunch and mimosas and Cuban sandwiches and water.  See.  Sustenance. 
We laid around.{No Photo}
We watched cable TV.{No Photo}
We complained that Miami was lame.  No liquor on the beach?  No dancing in the hall?  What?  See.  Evidence of Lameness even at the NOLA bar. 
 I ran a few miles.{No Photo}  
Courtney tried something new.{No Photo}
I laid by the pool and went for a walk. See.  Pool.  And a very modest statue.
We both got sunburned.  See. I'm red.  And also short and big-legged...but big-legged is okay since I'm a runner. 

Now, that doesn't sound like anything super fun, but it was exactly what I wanted.  Also, there is something comforting about having lived with your co-vacationer.  Neither of us feels the need to try too hard, and we're perfectly comfortable getting to-go food, and eating in our pajamas while watching CSI or Criminal Minds because we are too sunburned to put on real clothes. 
A few days later, I said "Adios" to Miami, got on a tiny plane{where I had to physically go outside onto the runway then walk up little stairs to get onto my 2-seat x 1 seat plane} and flew my red self back to Baton Rouge...where I forgot how to blog for a month.

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