Monday, April 1, 2013

Sun Stick & Bad Business

Raise your hand if you aren't 100% sure what kind of light your garden gets...or raise your hand if you "kind-of" know, like I did.
Before I spent a gatrillion dollars on my front yard makeover I wanted to know for sure.
SIDENOTE: {I acutally spent a gajillion + $30 extra dollars because after I already paid for my plants last week and went to pick them up, I was told that, "NO, you did NOTpay for all the plants, and you have to pay $94.00 extra."  I ended up putting two or three things back, and still paid $30.00 just so I could leave this nursery and be done with it.  Sorry...I thought after I set a budget with the owner, picked out plants with the owner, and then PAID for them, I was done.  I didn't realize, my payment wasn't valid for all the plants, but just some.  Bad business, this place has, and the owner isn't particularly nice to his employees either.  This girl won't be returing to the colorful nursery on Coursey. }
After searching at Lowes and Home Depot for some kind of tool to help me without luck, I finally found the Plumstone ebsite.  They have this cool little plastic flower, called a SunStick with a UV sticker for the middle part.  You just stick it in your garden in the morning, leave it all day, then once you get home, you can match the color of the middle of your little flower to their chart, thus letting you know what kind of sunlight your little plot receives. You want to pick a non-raining day. 
My flower turned orangish-yellow, somewhere near the "part sun" range, as I expected. 
I plan to use one of these on my patio as well.
Pretty cool, if you ask me.  Speaking of that, Plumstone did not ask me, but I thought their product was pretty neat, so I wanted to share.
PS - Dear colorful nursery: You still never told me where to put my Foxglove.  Did you actually listen to me ask the question five times or were you too busy telling your employees where to be?  My foxglove found their own home, no thanks to you.  {#kindabitter}


Danavee said...

SUPER COOLLLLL!!!! Clicking on that link NOW!

Brandi said...

Thanks Danavee...I thought so too!

Chrissy said...

Really cool! Thanks I'm buying one now as I'm trying to figure out where to put in a new square-foot garden bed!

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