Monday, March 18, 2013

The Start of a Garden Makeover

You know that spring fever I was talking about?  Well...its still here.  Friday after work I drove my little Mazda3 through Baton Rouge traffic to get to Louisiana Nursery on Perkins with hopes of getting some plant advice.  After receiving no help and encountering rude associates, I went home empty-handed with an alternate plan to add a row of bricks to the my sidewalk that leads up to my front door. 
Know what I'm talking about?
{ older photo of the front of my house }
Well, this is what I began with.  I have some pretty pansies, a half-rotted pumpkin leftover from Thanksgiving, a broken "decorative" pot which came with my house{someone drove into my house prior to my ownership, and I wonder if it was broken during that fiasco}and too much liriope.
First step was to dig up some of my outta-control monkey grass, which has since found a home at Charlotte's House from Living Well on the Cheap.  Little did I know there would be huge pieces of concrete in the dirt.  Whats up with that?? 
I'm a bad blogger so I don't have step by step photos but I can tell you that I pretty much followed this tutorial.  After digging up the monkey grass, I dug the trench about an inch or two wider than my bricks so that I would have room for my pavers and edging.  I put some sand in the trench, then bricks, then filled the dirt over the edging, then swept sand between the bricks.  No its not perfect, but $50.00 for materials {new shovel, bricks, sand, edging, rubber mallet to get the bricks level} isn't too bad.  Now I've got the dressiest sidewalk in the complex!

So this is the beginning...I figure that in the next few weeks, I'll be revamping the whole front yard, so I may as well do some of the prep work when I get the chance. 

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