Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Piece for the Archives

In my last post about my uber cool brass animal wreath, I mentioned that I had found something else really interesting at that same estate sale. 
I'll preface this by saying that back when I was in college, I kind of wanted to be the Archivist.  I didn't have time, and never pursued it, but old stuff always intrigued me.  On the second day that I attended the sale, I saw this book on a chair and hurriedly picked it up because I thought it was neat. 
Turns out, this was Ms. Patricia Ann Heroy's scrapbook from when she was going through Rush at Sophie Newcomb College in New Orleans. 
 Newcomb was the women's college affiliated with Tulane but now the two have been consolidated.  When I first looked through the book, I secretly hoped that she would have pledged Kappa Alpha Theta, but as you can deduct, Delta Zeta was her choice.  There are napkins, invitations, cards and even her pledge ribbon. 
 As well as Delta Zeta ephemera, there are also a few artifacts from the now defunct Beta Sigma Omicron Sorority which was absorbed by Zeta Tau Alpha in the 1960s.  Greek history.  Love it. 


Now, had I not been a member of a greek organization in college, I would put this item in my shop, but because I have a certain fondness for my fellow greek sisters, after I pour over this book a few more times, I will be contacting either Delta Zeta Archives or Tulane University to see if they are interested.  I'm assuming that Ms. Heroy's family had a chance to go through her things before the sale, and if anyone deemed this item of value, they would have kept it. 
My heart is actually a little sad about having this scrapbook. Me, little old Brandi who knows not of this woman and her past, is the only one, as of now, that thinks this is an important document.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that some of those whom I hold dear came to me by way of sisterhood.  I have my pledge card, the kite that the actives put on my door with my name, photos and paperwork from my time in Theta, and I guess it makes me realize that all of these things are not universally prized.
Dear Courtney Marie: Please take all my sorority stuff in my craft room closet, and donate it to Archives if I die {unless my little future Gladys Mae is a Theta }.  Bettie Locke would be happy. 

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