Friday, March 29, 2013

Before the Demo

I'm slowly but surely getting around to taking out my old flowerbed and creating a new space.  I've already paid for the soil and plants, but first I have to dismantle the old bed.  I'm a little sad to see some of my winter annuals go, but I know the future will be better.  Before I say goodbye to all my little pansies and dianthus, I wanted to document them on this past dreary Saturday in March.  The foxglove and daffs will be staying.



Thursday, March 21, 2013

Plants I Like

I like some plants.
I hope some end up in my new garden.
Here they are:
{ PS - Thanks Houzz for being so easy to embed }

Dianella aka Flax Lily 
{these already live in my garden, but they will be staying}

{These also already have residence in my garden, and will be staying, but BEWARE: These are poisonous and can be toxic to children and animals if ingested }
 Aztec Grass
{ via Pender Nursery }


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

No Azaleas Here

When one thinks of Louisiana, oftentimes a slew of pink Azaleas comes to mind.  My parents have five or six bushes that have been there for at least 25 years, as well as a few Gardenia bushes.  One sniff of Gardenia and I'm brought back to childhood when I would bring my favorite elementary school teachers a few perfect white blooms.
I would LOVE a gardenia if only for the scent of those scrumptious white flowers.
Afton Villa Entrance
{via Colleen P. Landry on Flickr }
Too bad that both of these shrubs absolutly require acidic soil.
While I was digging up liriope for my brick-edging project last weekend, I went ahead and used a soil test that I had picked up at Home Depot for under $4.00.  I followed the instructions and found out that my soil is neutral-on-the-alkaline-side, with very low nitrogen, medium phosphorus{the color turned bluer}, and low potash.  Guess I need some amendments to add nutrients to my soil.  And I won't be growing in Azaleas or Gardenias.  Hawthorne's for this lady.  


Monday, March 18, 2013

The Start of a Garden Makeover

You know that spring fever I was talking about?  Well...its still here.  Friday after work I drove my little Mazda3 through Baton Rouge traffic to get to Louisiana Nursery on Perkins with hopes of getting some plant advice.  After receiving no help and encountering rude associates, I went home empty-handed with an alternate plan to add a row of bricks to the my sidewalk that leads up to my front door. 
Know what I'm talking about?
{ older photo of the front of my house }
Well, this is what I began with.  I have some pretty pansies, a half-rotted pumpkin leftover from Thanksgiving, a broken "decorative" pot which came with my house{someone drove into my house prior to my ownership, and I wonder if it was broken during that fiasco}and too much liriope.
First step was to dig up some of my outta-control monkey grass, which has since found a home at Charlotte's House from Living Well on the Cheap.  Little did I know there would be huge pieces of concrete in the dirt.  Whats up with that?? 
I'm a bad blogger so I don't have step by step photos but I can tell you that I pretty much followed this tutorial.  After digging up the monkey grass, I dug the trench about an inch or two wider than my bricks so that I would have room for my pavers and edging.  I put some sand in the trench, then bricks, then filled the dirt over the edging, then swept sand between the bricks.  No its not perfect, but $50.00 for materials {new shovel, bricks, sand, edging, rubber mallet to get the bricks level} isn't too bad.  Now I've got the dressiest sidewalk in the complex!

So this is the beginning...I figure that in the next few weeks, I'll be revamping the whole front yard, so I may as well do some of the prep work when I get the chance. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Fever

Nope...not in love with a new beau{I'm still in love with my old Beau(regard)}, I'm just in love with the beautiful weather we're having in good old Baton Rouge. 
I don't have much of a green thumb, and my confidence in designing a flowerbed is tiny compared to my confidence in designing a room so I'm tempted to hire a landscaper for my tiny little condo lot even if everyone tells me spending that $130.00 for a plan is silly.  Until then, I'm dreaming of my front yard to magically turn to this.
I'll be working for the fourteenth day in a row tomorrow{go second job} so I hope everyone else will have a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Piece for the Archives

In my last post about my uber cool brass animal wreath, I mentioned that I had found something else really interesting at that same estate sale. 
I'll preface this by saying that back when I was in college, I kind of wanted to be the Archivist.  I didn't have time, and never pursued it, but old stuff always intrigued me.  On the second day that I attended the sale, I saw this book on a chair and hurriedly picked it up because I thought it was neat. 
Turns out, this was Ms. Patricia Ann Heroy's scrapbook from when she was going through Rush at Sophie Newcomb College in New Orleans. 
 Newcomb was the women's college affiliated with Tulane but now the two have been consolidated.  When I first looked through the book, I secretly hoped that she would have pledged Kappa Alpha Theta, but as you can deduct, Delta Zeta was her choice.  There are napkins, invitations, cards and even her pledge ribbon. 
 As well as Delta Zeta ephemera, there are also a few artifacts from the now defunct Beta Sigma Omicron Sorority which was absorbed by Zeta Tau Alpha in the 1960s.  Greek history.  Love it. 


Now, had I not been a member of a greek organization in college, I would put this item in my shop, but because I have a certain fondness for my fellow greek sisters, after I pour over this book a few more times, I will be contacting either Delta Zeta Archives or Tulane University to see if they are interested.  I'm assuming that Ms. Heroy's family had a chance to go through her things before the sale, and if anyone deemed this item of value, they would have kept it. 
My heart is actually a little sad about having this scrapbook. Me, little old Brandi who knows not of this woman and her past, is the only one, as of now, that thinks this is an important document.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that some of those whom I hold dear came to me by way of sisterhood.  I have my pledge card, the kite that the actives put on my door with my name, photos and paperwork from my time in Theta, and I guess it makes me realize that all of these things are not universally prized.
Dear Courtney Marie: Please take all my sorority stuff in my craft room closet, and donate it to Archives if I die {unless my little future Gladys Mae is a Theta }.  Bettie Locke would be happy. 
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