Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thoughts on Tuesdays

  • 3:05 pm.
  • Been a while since I did one of these weird stream-of-consciousness-type-posts.
  • They're really for me. 
  • Probably not interesting to you.
  • Not interesting like the fact that I had a chickpea and avocado sandwich for lunch and a glass of water, and now I'm listening to the Iron & Wine pandora radio station.
  • The Iron & Wine guy is absolutly going to sing at my wedding. 
  • Don't ask me how I'm sure, but I am.  I can feel it. 
  • Wedding with that yellow dresser as an alter, and all those glass jars I've been saving for years that used to hold spaghetti sauce or Starbucks coffee drinks and hopefully one day will hold some flowers and best wishes for a happy future.
  • A messy haired bride and a boy.
  • An angel kissing on a sinner.
  • Life is short but sweet for certain.
  • 3:12 pm

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