Thursday, February 21, 2013

"My Whole Life Is Stressing Me Out"

...Or just my race...
I'm running my second half marathon this Sunday in the Big Easy!  I've been eating tons of carbs, not-drinking tons of coffee, trying to get adequate sleep, hydrating, taking my multi-vitamins and trying not convince myself that I have fake problems.
No, there is no bubble in my knee.  My knee is fine.
No, my feet are not screwed up.  They're just the same as always and I've run plenty long runs on my regular feet.  Besides, who can change feet anyway?
No, I won't die running in my old shoes, even if I would prefer having new ones.  I ordered the New Balance 860V3 from my favorite running store a month ago, after having the New Balance 860V2 twice and loving them.  I guess I assumed they would feel the same but I assumed wrong.  I ran in the V3 twice, hated them and returned them.  The New Balance 860V2 is last year's shoe, and no place still had them locally, so I had to order them online.  I have one short run left before my race{today!  In the rain!}, and those shoes are not in my posession yet, but rather across the river at the UPS Processing Place.  I will NOT be running a 13.1 mile race in brand new shoes. 
No, I don't have all my travel plans finalized, but it will work out. I am running this race with two friends.   Two friends are running the same race as I am, but they will finish at least an hour ahead of me.  We will work out all the "who's driving where?", "who's parking what?", "who's meeting up?" stuff soon. 
So basically,
 I'm running my race on Sunday in my old shoes. 
Just like any other long run.
Just like I ran 13.00 miles three weeks ago.
  I would like to beat my old time of 2:57:20. 

Wish me luck!!


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