Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Improvements in the Bathroom

Hmm...that title is a bit funny.

Way back around New Years, I told you that I like to coupon...alot, and I took it upon myself to organize a little bit. I mentioned that I wanted to paint the inside of my vanity drawers, and ye about a month later, I've finally finished this small task.  I don't even have a toddler or a sexy husband to blame for taking up all my time.  I pretty much only get things done on Saturdays.  If its not running or second-job-ing, then it doesn't happen on Sundays.

Anyways, enough of my blabbing. 

Here's the before{post organization}:

Here is the after:

I guess I should have taken the photo in the same point of view, but since I doubt anyone actually cares, I didn't go back to reshoot.
But don't you think the white interiors look so much cleaner?
I do. 
Next up, the inside of the cabinets.

PS - in the middle drawer, yes, that is a jar lid full of pennies.  Wheat pennies to be exact.  Somehow, thats where they ended up. 

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