Monday, February 18, 2013

Gallery Wall: What to Add?

Most people would say, "Gallery Wall PArt Two" or mabye, "Gallery Wall Part Deux"...but I took German in college{Vie heiss sind Sie?}.

Since I'm still caught up in my dining room-re-do, I want to share some things I am contemplating adding to my dining room walls.

First of all: clorful art. Navy. Neon. Pink. White. Yellow. Add a little gray, and I'm golden. I know that I can't afford this piece, so I may have to paint something similar myself.

These next two are a toss up.  I want one in the dining room and one to take the place of my advent calendar in the living room, but I'm not quite sure which will go where. There is just something about the first quote that makes a little smile appear across my face. I secretly hope that people see me this way...but not in a coke-head-party-woman-way...more like a girl in love with life and all of its ups and downs. And messy hair.  And the second just sounds positive.  Its never too late.  

 {via  pinterest }

{ via  Sami Pinkerton on Pinterest }

Happy girls ARE the prettiest. If you don't love yourself, don't expect anyone else to love you either.
{ via Super Swoon Print Shop }

This etsy shop is currently on vacation, and while I usually prefer to DIY something, I might have to break down and purchase a print once they're back. 

{ via Small Talk Studios on Etsy }

FREE PRINTABLE ALERT!  These monograms{you can choose letters or numbers for tables} are supposed to be for wedding use, but I like the idea of having my condominium number.  Check out the site as there are lots of other pretty freebies.
{ Free printable numbers or letters via Wedding Chicks }

This wallpaper is awesome...but, once again, can't afford it, and wouldn't want a whole wall of it, but I couldn't say no to an 8x10 canvas of this print.

{ Half Moon Wallpaper by Ferm Living }
FREE PRINTABLE ALERT:  There are plenty of freebies at Vintage Printable dot com, including lots of cool WPA posters and botanical prints. 

{ via Vintage Printable }

Embroidery Hoop Art.  I've collected embroidery hoops from garage sales for quite some time now, and once I saw Charlotte's hoops, I filed that idea away in my mind.  Aren't these cute?  I even purchased some doilies with this purpose in mind, and the person selling them told me that her grandma had hand made them all.  How sweet.  I love giving life back to items whose original purpose may have been lost. 
{ via Living La Vida Vintage on etsy }

B is for Beauregard...customizable, printable, free.

{ via On To Baby }

I would consider any of these options for my gallery wall.  I have some things stashed away in my house that I would like to add as well, such as a bit of 60's floral wallpaper from a sorority sister of mine's house{pre-renovation}, a map of the T from Boston{best place ever}, an old map of the place where my home now stands, some sheet music of a special song, a few pretty plates, and maybe a little shelf or two for other lovelies. 

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