Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Non-Committal Way to get Gold Tips

No...I'm not speaking about ombre hair or press-on nails, I mean gold tipped legs on furniture.
As you know, my kitchen table has gold-tipped legs.  I used the ole painters tape and paint method for these, since I was 100% committed to changing up how that piece of furniture looked.  You may also have noticed that my bentwood chair has gilded feet as well.

 { NOTE: This is an old photo of the table, but a better photo of the chair legs }

Ever since I can rememeber, I've wanted bentwood dining room chairs, and I've wanted the ones that bend kind-of into a heart-shaped back.  They remind me of an Italian/Sicilian gelato and cannoli place I used to visit in New Orleans.  Over the years of garage sailing, I've picked up two pairs of bentwood chairs.  Two have a "heart" back, while two just have a curve.  Fair enough.  One, apparently, was the "glue chair"(so it is written in sharpie on the bottom)....whatever that means...

Way back when I was having new flooring installed, I moved most furniture upstairs, and have yet to move the other three chairs downstairs again.  Its not like I can sit in three chairs at once.

Anyways, I've seen all these fun colorful bentwood chairs on pinterest...

{ via pinterest, can't find original source }
{ pinterest }

{ Dayka Robinson Designs }

...but never felt committed enough to actually paint my little chairs, and now that I have a colored table, I'm even more hesitant...but I wanted to give them some personality.  Enter this fun stuff:
wrap wrap wrap around each very worn foot...
And you've got an easily removable, non-commital, but ultra cool chair.  You might want to be more careful that I was and try to keep the tape from getting bunchy, especially if you have people inspecting your chair legs.


Chrissy said...

And I just came over here today so I could show a friend what I meant about using washi tape on chair legs and BAM, you've put up a tutorial! Thanks!

Brandi said...

So happy it was useful!

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