Monday, February 25, 2013

Dear second half-marathon and other letters to things that can't read

Dear Second Half-Marathon: Before you, I had completed one half, one full, one 10k, and a bunch of 5ks.  Saying that I've done more than one half makes me feel like a non-newbie.  That in itself makes me happy, but also a little sad.  There is a certain thrill about the chase. 
Dear Whole Foods: I dined on your Tofu Vegetarian Satay before all but one long run during my training.  I didn't break my tradition before my race.  You never let me down.
Dear Nonna Mia: Thanks for having yummy shrimp pesto pasta for me before my race and tons of water.  One day, I'll visit you during non-training season and be able to enjoy your great pizza. 
Dear Hyatt Regency on Poydras: I felt pretty snazzy with a free upgrade to an executive suite, but once I was in my room, I didn't feel so cool.  You tried to go modern, but you missed the mark.  Beige is not modern, and tan tile with tan grout doesn't look clean on your walk-in shower's floor.  You also might want to check the shower door because it gets water all over everything.  You had a gajillion dollar renovation last year, but you did it cheaply.  I am unimpressed.    The Saint Hotel did it better.
Dear Race Bystanders: There needs to be more of you!  Gretna Middle cheerleaders brightened my day, and someone's sign that said, "A Half Marathon is long and hard, so do it faster" made me laugh. 
Dear Tastee Donuts & Cafe Du Mond: You smell delicious.
Dear Lager's Bar & Grill: I've been talking about a post-race cheeseburger for a week, and your burger was perfect. 
Dear Friend Who Doesn't Want Their Name on The Internet: Thanks for sharing your passion with me when my only goal was to get over a hurdle in my life.  I'm a runner too.  I like being in this club.
My thoughts:
 I completed my race and met my two goals.  I didn't stop to walk during the race, I beat my goal time by 4 minutes, and shaved 16 minutes off of last year's time.  Thats wonderful!  I started off slower, and stayed slower than I should have, but I picked it up in the end.  I didn't pay attention to the clock time when I crossed the start line, but at least I didn't fall flat on my face during the first 30 feet of the race like a lady next to me.  When I got a little tired, I focused on enjoying myself; looking at the pretty houses, dodging the New Orleans potholes, and waving at children.  I'm happy I changed shirts at the last minute so that I could run the first ten miles in a long-sleeved shirt I don't like, then toss it, so I could run the last three in my trusty Nike tank top.  It was a little awkward partly stripping/running, but I guess the awkward moments make you better too.  When I was done, I felt a little like I cheated myself and that I should have trained for the full.  Sure, I'm tired and sore, but nothing like after my full marathon in 2011. I believe I shall keep training towards that in the Fall.  Running without a goal can be nice here and there, but running without a goal for long periods of time, for me, feels like running in the dark without a light.  You're moving, but you don't know where you're going.
I'll get re-acquianted with my watch later this week.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Non-Committal Way to get Gold Tips

No...I'm not speaking about ombre hair or press-on nails, I mean gold tipped legs on furniture.
As you know, my kitchen table has gold-tipped legs.  I used the ole painters tape and paint method for these, since I was 100% committed to changing up how that piece of furniture looked.  You may also have noticed that my bentwood chair has gilded feet as well.

 { NOTE: This is an old photo of the table, but a better photo of the chair legs }

Ever since I can rememeber, I've wanted bentwood dining room chairs, and I've wanted the ones that bend kind-of into a heart-shaped back.  They remind me of an Italian/Sicilian gelato and cannoli place I used to visit in New Orleans.  Over the years of garage sailing, I've picked up two pairs of bentwood chairs.  Two have a "heart" back, while two just have a curve.  Fair enough.  One, apparently, was the "glue chair"(so it is written in sharpie on the bottom)....whatever that means...

Way back when I was having new flooring installed, I moved most furniture upstairs, and have yet to move the other three chairs downstairs again.  Its not like I can sit in three chairs at once.

Anyways, I've seen all these fun colorful bentwood chairs on pinterest...

{ via pinterest, can't find original source }
{ pinterest }

{ Dayka Robinson Designs }

...but never felt committed enough to actually paint my little chairs, and now that I have a colored table, I'm even more hesitant...but I wanted to give them some personality.  Enter this fun stuff:
wrap wrap wrap around each very worn foot...
And you've got an easily removable, non-commital, but ultra cool chair.  You might want to be more careful that I was and try to keep the tape from getting bunchy, especially if you have people inspecting your chair legs.

"My Whole Life Is Stressing Me Out"

...Or just my race...
I'm running my second half marathon this Sunday in the Big Easy!  I've been eating tons of carbs, not-drinking tons of coffee, trying to get adequate sleep, hydrating, taking my multi-vitamins and trying not convince myself that I have fake problems.
No, there is no bubble in my knee.  My knee is fine.
No, my feet are not screwed up.  They're just the same as always and I've run plenty long runs on my regular feet.  Besides, who can change feet anyway?
No, I won't die running in my old shoes, even if I would prefer having new ones.  I ordered the New Balance 860V3 from my favorite running store a month ago, after having the New Balance 860V2 twice and loving them.  I guess I assumed they would feel the same but I assumed wrong.  I ran in the V3 twice, hated them and returned them.  The New Balance 860V2 is last year's shoe, and no place still had them locally, so I had to order them online.  I have one short run left before my race{today!  In the rain!}, and those shoes are not in my posession yet, but rather across the river at the UPS Processing Place.  I will NOT be running a 13.1 mile race in brand new shoes. 
No, I don't have all my travel plans finalized, but it will work out. I am running this race with two friends.   Two friends are running the same race as I am, but they will finish at least an hour ahead of me.  We will work out all the "who's driving where?", "who's parking what?", "who's meeting up?" stuff soon. 
So basically,
 I'm running my race on Sunday in my old shoes. 
Just like any other long run.
Just like I ran 13.00 miles three weeks ago.
  I would like to beat my old time of 2:57:20. 

Wish me luck!!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Barbie Table Turns Blue

I've been blabbing about my dining room's gallery walls and forgot to show you how the Barbie Table ended up!
I decided upon the right hand side paint color, the more true, navy blue.
Barbie got two coats of primer, and two coats of paint and I now have a navy table.
With gold tipped legs.  Those weren't going anywhere.
Wow, this room can look different depending upon the light.  The first photo had some morning light, the second photo had lots of afternoon light, and the last photo, I believe, was taken during a rainstorm. 
I can't wait to get my light fixture up.  The blue is less jarring, and blends into the space more, and I like that. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Gallery Wall: What to Add?

Most people would say, "Gallery Wall PArt Two" or mabye, "Gallery Wall Part Deux"...but I took German in college{Vie heiss sind Sie?}.

Since I'm still caught up in my dining room-re-do, I want to share some things I am contemplating adding to my dining room walls.

First of all: clorful art. Navy. Neon. Pink. White. Yellow. Add a little gray, and I'm golden. I know that I can't afford this piece, so I may have to paint something similar myself.

These next two are a toss up.  I want one in the dining room and one to take the place of my advent calendar in the living room, but I'm not quite sure which will go where. There is just something about the first quote that makes a little smile appear across my face. I secretly hope that people see me this way...but not in a coke-head-party-woman-way...more like a girl in love with life and all of its ups and downs. And messy hair.  And the second just sounds positive.  Its never too late.  

 {via  pinterest }

{ via  Sami Pinkerton on Pinterest }

Happy girls ARE the prettiest. If you don't love yourself, don't expect anyone else to love you either.
{ via Super Swoon Print Shop }

This etsy shop is currently on vacation, and while I usually prefer to DIY something, I might have to break down and purchase a print once they're back. 

{ via Small Talk Studios on Etsy }

FREE PRINTABLE ALERT!  These monograms{you can choose letters or numbers for tables} are supposed to be for wedding use, but I like the idea of having my condominium number.  Check out the site as there are lots of other pretty freebies.
{ Free printable numbers or letters via Wedding Chicks }

This wallpaper is awesome...but, once again, can't afford it, and wouldn't want a whole wall of it, but I couldn't say no to an 8x10 canvas of this print.

{ Half Moon Wallpaper by Ferm Living }
FREE PRINTABLE ALERT:  There are plenty of freebies at Vintage Printable dot com, including lots of cool WPA posters and botanical prints. 

{ via Vintage Printable }

Embroidery Hoop Art.  I've collected embroidery hoops from garage sales for quite some time now, and once I saw Charlotte's hoops, I filed that idea away in my mind.  Aren't these cute?  I even purchased some doilies with this purpose in mind, and the person selling them told me that her grandma had hand made them all.  How sweet.  I love giving life back to items whose original purpose may have been lost. 
{ via Living La Vida Vintage on etsy }

B is for Beauregard...customizable, printable, free.

{ via On To Baby }

I would consider any of these options for my gallery wall.  I have some things stashed away in my house that I would like to add as well, such as a bit of 60's floral wallpaper from a sorority sister of mine's house{pre-renovation}, a map of the T from Boston{best place ever}, an old map of the place where my home now stands, some sheet music of a special song, a few pretty plates, and maybe a little shelf or two for other lovelies. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Life, Lately

{February 11 - February 15}

{blue skies, laundry, wares, project, bears, office, city, relax}

Monday, February 11, 2013

Gallery Wall

Ever since I got the wild hair to paint the kitchen table pink I've been trying to figure out what I want from my dining room.   No, I don't want to eat there{it will more than likely be a place to sew or stack the mail}, but I want it to be pretty.   Something is not just right in that space, and I think it has to do with my gallery wall.
Currently, my gallery wall is a smattering of things that are "Brandi" and things that Brandi likes.  I plan to keep it that way. 
Here's a glimpse:

There is a yellow clock is set to 11:11 so that I can always make a wish.
My first half marathon and marathon race numbers are framed, cause woah, those are big accomplishments.
I have a thing for embroidery art, so a pretty sampler is hung.
Some co-workers made my 25th birthday special, so a "Happy Birthday Brandi" from that day is also framed.
The angel wings ornament is just pretty, and reminds me of when I decided to blog about the holidays for a month.
The small painting is by me.  I really liked the original by peagreen shop, but couldn't afford it, so I painted my own on a rainy Saturday in 2010.  

All of that being said, I think I just want more things up, and I would like to extend the gallery to the wall with my wreaths. 
Here are a few gallery walls which inspire me...
{ps - click on my pinterest to the right to keep up with me}

{ via the Perfect Palette on Pinterest }

{ via Discophile on Pinterest }

{ via LA LA LOVELY }

{ Caitlin Wilson Designs via Pinterest }
{photo by Burlington Media & Blogs/Tamar Schechner via Houzz }

{ Katie Rodgers of Paper Fashion's home via Glitter Guide }

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