Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Pink Table--What Lies Ahead?

On Monday, when I wrote about my pink kitchen table, I left with a feeling of uncertainty about its future.  A few people told me not to get rid of it, and one person(hi Natalie!) suggested I paint it matte navy rather than high gloss pink.

I didn't dislike the color, but I didn't like it on THAT table in MY house, but those gold-dipped legs make my heart beat all double-time, and I know I can't have gold-dipped legs a pedestal-table that I've always envisioned in my dining room.

Charlotte from Living Well on the Cheap suggested to me to check out a certain thrift store in a sketchy part of town for cheap furniture, so I set out yesterday on my lunch break in search of the table of my dreams.  Well, that table was not to be found at the dirty thrift store with underpriced furniture, but I did come home with a set of gold-striped drinking glasses and a piece of embroidery art.  I just can't say no to embroidery art.  Its an addiction.  A much healthier addiction than Vicodin, unhealthy relationships, and wine though.  

When I returned home after my run last night and hung the piece on the wall, stepped back, and something in my mind clicked.
This piece, lovingly made by someone long before I was born, and then discarded as a worthless whatnot to a junk-shop, was exactly what I needed. 

The brown planter matches my floor, the light pink matches the "make misteaks" print in the dining room(which is just peeking in at the top of the first photo), some of the leaves have a yellow ochre hue, the frame, though tough to photograph seems to have been spray painted gold many years ago and you can only catch the shimmer in certain light,  the gray and blue flowers match everything else in my house, and the true green is a color that I would love to incorporate.  There's also some lavender in there, and thats cool too.

I went out of my way to a random thrift store in search of an interesting table to replace my barbie-mistake, and I came home with a dusty piece of art made out of yarn and linen.

Yes, Natalie, matte navy is where it's at.

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