Thursday, January 3, 2013

...I Told You I Liked Coupons...

Yesterday, I told you I liked coupons, but this is no new thing...
I've been a couponer for at least three years, and I've aquired a lot of stuff.
Some I use, and some I donate, and some I end up hoarding in my bathroom closet and forgetting about it until one New Years Day when I get a wild hair to organize my bathroom.

My condo is not big, so space can be a premium, and before today, I had two whole drawers in my vanity full of "coupon stuff" and at least one shelf in my closet...and this was after my yearly donation to the homeless shelter!

Hopped up on energy drink, I thought the best first step would be to take everything out of the drawers and shelves.

Good Lord, I have a bunch of stuff. 

I sat on the floor in the guest room and went through medicine, hair products, trial and sample packs and makeup.

I found a prescription which was issued in March of 2006.

That was almost seven years ago. That was before I owned my condo, before I rented the apartment on Perkins, and before I lived with Courtney(in both the sorority house and the apartment).   This little bottle of expired Mucinex has moved with me at least four times, and hadn't managed to hit the trash.  Well, until today.  Goodbye Mucinex.

After a few hours of consolodating, organizing, and creating a donation station in the guest room, I freed up some space in the drawers, got rid of some junk, and almost have enough to bring to the shelter again.

Oh, and I have more room to put my CVS finds. move on to painting the inside of the drawers one day...

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