Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Impulse-Bought a Light Fixture, then Impulse-Bought Another One.

When I purchased my condo, all of my trim and outlet covers were this awful almond-type color.  Great if you're a traditional homeowner who likes warm colors, but terrible for the young discerning design specialist like myself(kidding, kind of).
I worked my tail off painting trim and changing outlets and switches so that they would be bright white.  Just always make sure to turn the power off first.

I was perusing Lowes on Saturday, looking for some drill bits for an upcoming project, and I spotted this modern pendant light for a measly $28.00. 

I thought it was perfect for my dining room so I brought it home with an edison type bulb, and got to work updating yet another electrical piece of my house.

This is what I was working with before.  Not terrible, but pretty boring.  And not at all me.  Its now listed on craigslist.

I'm not really up for writing an "change your own dining room light" tutorial, but I did take a few "middle-of-process" photos{that I'm not sharing} so I wouldn't forget how everything was wired.  Thats one of the best electrical tips I've ever heard, and I would like to pass it along.  Take photos of the steps.  Oh, and turn off the power first.  PLEASE...turn off the power first.

What do you know...

It worked!

But once I placed the cover over the light bulb, I realized it just looked like a cake pan hanging from the ceiling, and I didn't like that so much, so I disassembled the light and was left with a hole in the ceiling while I took to pinterest, ebay, and etsy looking for a good replacement for my builder-basic chandelier.

My first option was this brassy tiered chandelier from Urban Outfitters, but after reading reviews that stated the color was not in fact brassy-bronze, I decided to forego this light for the darkest area of my home.  I need something that will provide light, as well as architectural interest.

Ebay has many vintage light fixtures, and I took a chance and bid on this one.

$75.25 and 20 hours later, she was mine. 

I hope shes as pretty in real life as she is in the photo.  I think she will look stunning in my dining area with her lotus shape and cream glass.

Here's hoping that I can wire her up just as well as her cake-pan cousin. 


Emily B said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'm your newest follower:) So nice to meet another LA blogger, I actually live in Thibodaux. Love your blog! Who did you're design? I'm actually looking for a little makeover soon.

Brandi said...

Hi Emily...thanks for coming to visit me too! I actually just played around in photoshop and made my own design, so I can't make any recommendations! I used's glitter textures and pasted them into blank size boxes to make my buttons/header. Thanks again!

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