Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year!

Did you make any resolutions?
Did you make any black eyed peas & cabbage?

Well, as of 2:23pm on January second, I have only made one "resolution". 

I put that in quotes because its not really a resolution...its more like, data collection.

But speaking of last year's resolutions...I'm reporting back to say that results were kind of hit or miss. I did cook more(but not a lot), and I did learn to take my camera places.  I didn't stop wasting food, and I didn't lose those five pounds, but at least I didn't gain any extra weight.

Anyways, this year,


Keep track of how much money I spend.  Not really for saving purposes, but just to see, on paper, where it all goes.  Included in this, I want to track how much money I pay in sales tax, just to know how accurate my tax bracket is.  Yes, this is uninteresting.
As of now I've spent $10.50 in the New Year, with $.64 being taxes.  All except $0.75 was on eating out.  The $0.75 was at CVS buying things with coupons.

I really like coupons & almost free or free stuff.  More on that tomorrow.

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