Monday, January 28, 2013

Barbie's Dream Table

If you're my facebook friend, you may have noticed a post around mid-morning on Friday stating that I wanted to paint the dining room table pink.  I got a few "go for it!"s and decided to take their advice to heart.  

Here's the back story on the spindley-legged table: it was once my great-grandmother's, but I have no memory of the actual table before it was mine.  I moved into my apartment with Courtney circa 2007, needed a table, and she said, "I have one in the storage shed, do you want it?", and I said, "Yes!  I need a table!", and that was the first time I set eyes on it.  So, it has a little sentimental value, but not really. 

The top of the table is laminate, but the legs are wooden.  Its pretty sturdy, but I never liked the four skinny legs, and have had a tablecloth over it for most of its life with me.  I got a wild hair last Friday, and decided to go with it...

From Home Depot, I purchased a punchy pink called, "Springtime Bloom".  I really should have purchased a sample-size pot, but I wanted it to be high gloss, so I shelled out the extra cash for a quart.  I also purchased a new brush because mine had seen better days, and there's just something grand about painting with a new brush. 

I sanded the top of the table to give the primer something to stick to, and then sponged off all the dust.  Look at the difference!  Then I used my favorite primer, Olympic Premium zero VOC, low odor, which is no longer being sold at Lowe's, so if you find some, grab it.  Luckilly, I didn't run out. 

One coat of primer...

Two coats of primer...

One coat of pink....

Two coats of pink....

Did you notice how I taped off the legs? 

I've been really into gold lately, so I measured 5" from the floor and taped it off so that I could paint {what felt like} sixteen coats of gold acrylic paint onto the bottom of the spindle.

And here is the finished product:

It looks like Barbie's dream table.
And I had trim painted this color in 16-year-old-Brandi's-bedroom, with yellow walls, and orange Hawaiian curtains. 

I don't think I like it because I never have liked the shape of the legs, and this poppy color certainly makes them more prominent.  I wanted a splash of color...and I don't completly hate the color...but I don't like it on this table.

So I have a few options.

1.) Repaint the table another color.  Maybe navy?  I still love the gold-dipped legs.

2.) Put the table cloth back over it and forget about it.

3.) Sell it on craigslist and find a table I really like.

I shall keep you updated.  Until then, I'm probably the only person with a hot pink table in Baton Rouge.


Taylor Brione said...

Aww, you don't like it? I just finished painting my table pink and I love it! My apartment is pretty much Barbie themed everything though. You did a really good job, its very neat and very unique. Don't paint over it!

Taylor Brione

Brandi said...

I didn't dislike the pink, but I didn't like it in my it had to go : (

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