Monday, January 14, 2013

A Transition

I finally took down my Christmas Tree.

Sad face.

It was getting in the way of my vacuuming and swiffering, and thus it was time to put things away until next year.  I can still relive all of Holiday 2012 through my A Brandi Sized Holiday posts, though. 

I first took all my ornaments off, and then wrapped up the lights and disassembled the tree...but just when I was about to wrap my breakables in tissue paper for storage, I noticed something.

Do you notice it too?

Most of my ornaments are not particularly Christmas-y.

So a little lightbulb went off in my mind...and I decided to place a few of these throughout my a winter decoration.

My little Jonathon Adler snayle & angel wings first lived on my tree...

And now for now they've taken up residence in my dining area.

And this bowl full of balls was replaced with a pinecone.

Have you done any winter sprucing up?
Do you still have out any holiday decor?


Courtney said...

We took Beatrice down yesterday. I was sad.

Courtney said...

Oh wait, my tree's name was Petunia. Well, whoever the floozy was, we took her down yesterday.

Brandi said...

Haha! There's so much more room in the house now, though!

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