Friday, January 18, 2013

A Brandi Sized Year

 Its a month into January of 2013, and I'm just getting around to my year in review.
Care to look back with me?

{I had my first ever legit photo-taking-adventure shooting something-that-moves.}

{I walked around City Park, and sort of forgot how to run without stopping.  This would take months to remedy.}

{oh, March.  I ran into a lady running, and created a PSA.  I also bought the coolest afghan everwore green for St. Patrick's Day, and schnuggled some bears.} 

{I ran in the rain and liked it, found patio motivation, and tried to get it right.}


{Woah!  My THIRD legit photo shoot.  And my BFF got married.  I still haven't edited all of those pics.}


{It was my golden birthday month  and my friend wrecked their car.  I didn't really blog.  No photos.  Hurricane Isaac cramped my style.}

{I was still in a bloggy-rut...but working on getting things back together.}

{Big changes at the Brandi Sized household.  I had my flooring ripped out{thanks to Hurricane Isaac flooding}, painted the walls, told my Grams "Happy Birthday!" and passed out candy to kids with Holly.} 


{A Brandi Sized Holiday ate my life, I made an adorable bar cart out of a TV stand, welcomed a Guest Post from Charlotte @ Living Well on the Cheap, and visited my parent's house for Christmas.}

Whew.  I was busy. 

It was neat for me to do this little recap because I got to remember moments I had forgotten, and see how my blogging can go from 3ish times a week, to 3 per month.  I could get upset when I don't post as much as I'd like, but I am{most of the time} fine with living my life rather than sitting in front of the computer.  My blog is extra.  Its an exhibitionistic journal, if you will.  I don't tell the internet all of my business, and I may have hidden meanings behind some things that I type which only my close friends will understand, and thats okay with me.   This isn't a business or career for me.
Its simply where I go to write about things I want to remember and include photographic evidence.  It helps me pass time, and keeps me accountable.

Its my little bloggy baby, and while I may not be the best bloggy-mama, I'm happy that each of you drops by my nursery from time to time.   I hope ya'll keep stopping by in 2013.

Cheers & Happy Long Weekend!

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