Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Pink Table--What Lies Ahead?

On Monday, when I wrote about my pink kitchen table, I left with a feeling of uncertainty about its future.  A few people told me not to get rid of it, and one person(hi Natalie!) suggested I paint it matte navy rather than high gloss pink.

I didn't dislike the color, but I didn't like it on THAT table in MY house, but those gold-dipped legs make my heart beat all double-time, and I know I can't have gold-dipped legs a pedestal-table that I've always envisioned in my dining room.

Charlotte from Living Well on the Cheap suggested to me to check out a certain thrift store in a sketchy part of town for cheap furniture, so I set out yesterday on my lunch break in search of the table of my dreams.  Well, that table was not to be found at the dirty thrift store with underpriced furniture, but I did come home with a set of gold-striped drinking glasses and a piece of embroidery art.  I just can't say no to embroidery art.  Its an addiction.  A much healthier addiction than Vicodin, unhealthy relationships, and wine though.  

When I returned home after my run last night and hung the piece on the wall, stepped back, and something in my mind clicked.
This piece, lovingly made by someone long before I was born, and then discarded as a worthless whatnot to a junk-shop, was exactly what I needed. 

The brown planter matches my floor, the light pink matches the "make misteaks" print in the dining room(which is just peeking in at the top of the first photo), some of the leaves have a yellow ochre hue, the frame, though tough to photograph seems to have been spray painted gold many years ago and you can only catch the shimmer in certain light,  the gray and blue flowers match everything else in my house, and the true green is a color that I would love to incorporate.  There's also some lavender in there, and thats cool too.

I went out of my way to a random thrift store in search of an interesting table to replace my barbie-mistake, and I came home with a dusty piece of art made out of yarn and linen.

Yes, Natalie, matte navy is where it's at.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Barbie's Dream Table

If you're my facebook friend, you may have noticed a post around mid-morning on Friday stating that I wanted to paint the dining room table pink.  I got a few "go for it!"s and decided to take their advice to heart.  

Here's the back story on the spindley-legged table: it was once my great-grandmother's, but I have no memory of the actual table before it was mine.  I moved into my apartment with Courtney circa 2007, needed a table, and she said, "I have one in the storage shed, do you want it?", and I said, "Yes!  I need a table!", and that was the first time I set eyes on it.  So, it has a little sentimental value, but not really. 

The top of the table is laminate, but the legs are wooden.  Its pretty sturdy, but I never liked the four skinny legs, and have had a tablecloth over it for most of its life with me.  I got a wild hair last Friday, and decided to go with it...

From Home Depot, I purchased a punchy pink called, "Springtime Bloom".  I really should have purchased a sample-size pot, but I wanted it to be high gloss, so I shelled out the extra cash for a quart.  I also purchased a new brush because mine had seen better days, and there's just something grand about painting with a new brush. 

I sanded the top of the table to give the primer something to stick to, and then sponged off all the dust.  Look at the difference!  Then I used my favorite primer, Olympic Premium zero VOC, low odor, which is no longer being sold at Lowe's, so if you find some, grab it.  Luckilly, I didn't run out. 

One coat of primer...

Two coats of primer...

One coat of pink....

Two coats of pink....

Did you notice how I taped off the legs? 

I've been really into gold lately, so I measured 5" from the floor and taped it off so that I could paint {what felt like} sixteen coats of gold acrylic paint onto the bottom of the spindle.

And here is the finished product:

It looks like Barbie's dream table.
And I had trim painted this color in 16-year-old-Brandi's-bedroom, with yellow walls, and orange Hawaiian curtains. 

I don't think I like it because I never have liked the shape of the legs, and this poppy color certainly makes them more prominent.  I wanted a splash of color...and I don't completly hate the color...but I don't like it on this table.

So I have a few options.

1.) Repaint the table another color.  Maybe navy?  I still love the gold-dipped legs.

2.) Put the table cloth back over it and forget about it.

3.) Sell it on craigslist and find a table I really like.

I shall keep you updated.  Until then, I'm probably the only person with a hot pink table in Baton Rouge.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Impulse-Bought a Light Fixture, then Impulse-Bought Another One.

When I purchased my condo, all of my trim and outlet covers were this awful almond-type color.  Great if you're a traditional homeowner who likes warm colors, but terrible for the young discerning design specialist like myself(kidding, kind of).
I worked my tail off painting trim and changing outlets and switches so that they would be bright white.  Just always make sure to turn the power off first.

I was perusing Lowes on Saturday, looking for some drill bits for an upcoming project, and I spotted this modern pendant light for a measly $28.00. 

I thought it was perfect for my dining room so I brought it home with an edison type bulb, and got to work updating yet another electrical piece of my house.

This is what I was working with before.  Not terrible, but pretty boring.  And not at all me.  Its now listed on craigslist.

I'm not really up for writing an "change your own dining room light" tutorial, but I did take a few "middle-of-process" photos{that I'm not sharing} so I wouldn't forget how everything was wired.  Thats one of the best electrical tips I've ever heard, and I would like to pass it along.  Take photos of the steps.  Oh, and turn off the power first.  PLEASE...turn off the power first.

What do you know...

It worked!

But once I placed the cover over the light bulb, I realized it just looked like a cake pan hanging from the ceiling, and I didn't like that so much, so I disassembled the light and was left with a hole in the ceiling while I took to pinterest, ebay, and etsy looking for a good replacement for my builder-basic chandelier.

My first option was this brassy tiered chandelier from Urban Outfitters, but after reading reviews that stated the color was not in fact brassy-bronze, I decided to forego this light for the darkest area of my home.  I need something that will provide light, as well as architectural interest.

Ebay has many vintage light fixtures, and I took a chance and bid on this one.

$75.25 and 20 hours later, she was mine. 

I hope shes as pretty in real life as she is in the photo.  I think she will look stunning in my dining area with her lotus shape and cream glass.

Here's hoping that I can wire her up just as well as her cake-pan cousin. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

That time I ran really well...

This is a photo of a girl who had a seriously WONDERFUL run on a Sunday.
And I'm sure if felt even better since I had a HORRIBLE run last Sunday.

I've been training for a half marathon in February, and for most of the training period, I've run 3 short runs(3 miles) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and a long run on Sunday, following the basic outline of adding mileage one week, adding mileage the next week, then have a shorter long run the third week.  I had run 7 miles on the 30th(my short long run) and then I ran 10 miles on the 6th of January and felt pretty good.  
The Friday & Saturday before my long run on the 13th, I got no sleep for various reasons{one being my ridiculous neighbors were having a loud domestic dispiture in the parking lot and got the cops called on them until 2:30 am}, and went into the run thinking it would be the hardest thing ever.
Lo and behold, I did terribly, and gave up around mile 6.  I was prepared to walk my little butt 3 miles back to the car, but I ran into some friends of mine, and halfheartedly ran back with them, felt like a failure and called this my "short" long run.

This weekend I was to run 11.5.
The Louisiana Marathon happened to be going on that Sunday as well, and since there aren't many options for running 11.5 miles in Baton Rouge, I knew I would be on their course at least some of the time, so I parked at a place where I knew my car wouldn't be blocked, and began my run a few minutes before their start time of 7:00 am.  I was feeling great for the whole beginning.  I had forgotten how much I liked running at dawn.

When I trained for my full marathon in 2011, I HAD to run that early or else I wouldn't finish my long runs before work.  I hadn't started a run before 8:00 am in almost a year, and getting up at 5:30 in the morning to eat a Luna bar, drink some water, take a few sips of an energy drink{I know...I have a slight caffeine addiction}, pack my Gu's and fill my water bottle, and make sure I knew my course from MapMyRun, suprisingly brought back tons of training memories.  Encouraging ones.  Positive energy abound.

After having the streets of BR to myself for about an hour, I took a gu around mile 3, and I met up with the LA Marathon course around mile 5 when I was running opposite the race participants.  I saw the leading male.  He was wearing neon yellow.
I continued on, police officers asked me if I knew I was going the wrong way{in a nice way}, and I only stopped to pee around mile 8. I had about half a pack of Orange Gu Chomps for the remainder of the race.  I ended up on the same course with the race from miles 8ish until mile 10.5ish.  I was with the 3:25 expected finishers, and they were MOVING.  I'm sure I made some of them think, "wow, this girl must've really hit the wall..." since I was moving like a snail compared to them.
One guy did tell me I was doing a great job, and I told him I was just out training, but thanks anyway.  He said it was great no matter what to be out there, and then sped away.  I deviated from my plan just to keep running with the racers.  It was quite encouraging.

I finally seperated from them for the last time, ran my last mile at the fastest speed of the day, and got to my car feeling fantastic.  I stretched, drank a protein shake and some gatorade, then walked the block from my car to the street where racers were passing.  I think I stayed for about an hour with a small crowd playing music and cheering on the runners.  I happened to see the encouraging guy again and told him to keep up the good work!  

Post run, I still felt great.  My endorphins were in high gear, and even though I was sore and tired, I felt accomplished.  I had even run an extra half mile.

Running.  Never in my younger adult life would I expect to actually like this sport which other sports do as punishment, and never did I expect to find so many positives through training and perserverence.  Sweating, breathing heavily and moving about are some of my favorite things, and I can gaurantee that you will catch a lot fewer STDs if you get that exercise from taking a jog around the block. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

A Brandi Sized Year

 Its a month into January of 2013, and I'm just getting around to my year in review.
Care to look back with me?

{I had my first ever legit photo-taking-adventure shooting something-that-moves.}

{I walked around City Park, and sort of forgot how to run without stopping.  This would take months to remedy.}

{oh, March.  I ran into a lady running, and created a PSA.  I also bought the coolest afghan everwore green for St. Patrick's Day, and schnuggled some bears.} 

{I ran in the rain and liked it, found patio motivation, and tried to get it right.}


{Woah!  My THIRD legit photo shoot.  And my BFF got married.  I still haven't edited all of those pics.}


{It was my golden birthday month  and my friend wrecked their car.  I didn't really blog.  No photos.  Hurricane Isaac cramped my style.}

{I was still in a bloggy-rut...but working on getting things back together.}

{Big changes at the Brandi Sized household.  I had my flooring ripped out{thanks to Hurricane Isaac flooding}, painted the walls, told my Grams "Happy Birthday!" and passed out candy to kids with Holly.} 


{A Brandi Sized Holiday ate my life, I made an adorable bar cart out of a TV stand, welcomed a Guest Post from Charlotte @ Living Well on the Cheap, and visited my parent's house for Christmas.}

Whew.  I was busy. 

It was neat for me to do this little recap because I got to remember moments I had forgotten, and see how my blogging can go from 3ish times a week, to 3 per month.  I could get upset when I don't post as much as I'd like, but I am{most of the time} fine with living my life rather than sitting in front of the computer.  My blog is extra.  Its an exhibitionistic journal, if you will.  I don't tell the internet all of my business, and I may have hidden meanings behind some things that I type which only my close friends will understand, and thats okay with me.   This isn't a business or career for me.
Its simply where I go to write about things I want to remember and include photographic evidence.  It helps me pass time, and keeps me accountable.

Its my little bloggy baby, and while I may not be the best bloggy-mama, I'm happy that each of you drops by my nursery from time to time.   I hope ya'll keep stopping by in 2013.

Cheers & Happy Long Weekend!

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