Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Almost-What-You-Wanted Furniture & A Crustacean

Yesterday, I gave you a tiny glimpse of my bar cart in my post about using crepe paper as holiday decor.

This little cart didn't start out so pristine.  It was actually an $8.00 Goodwill find.

{eek...terrible nighttime lighting!}
Since I was going more for a little less TV-Cart, and a little more posh fancy bar cart with gold bamboo details, this baby needed some work.
Enter inspiration:

{via Emily Henderson }

{ pinterest }
I took it upon myself to disassemble the little cart and roughly follow the Makely School For Girls instructions for painting laminate.
By roughly, I mean that I sanded it down, and let the primer dry for days because I had no time to revisit this project for a week.

Then I accidentally reformatted my camera card and lost my process photos.

The only really important thing that I did was not put back the side pieces, thus making the cart more open. 
I stuck those pieces in my utility closet to use later in life for something.

Here she is all painted white...improvement already!

The main reason I wanted a bar cart{besides the fact that they are adorable}, is because my router is in my living room...in a really awkward place... and I wanted a cute way of hiding it. 
See, thats whats behind the cart and in the basket.

After I got the necessary out the way, I got to accessorize with 9/10 empty liquor bottles and an estate sale brass crab. 
I originally intended to put him in my etsy shop, but realized he needs to stay right here and gaurd my liquor from the bears.
He even opens his mouth; if I were a cocain user, I would totally hide my stash there.

Then I added some holiday coasters from Target, and a hand made ornament for a little added festive touch...


And called it done.

What an amazing difference paint can make.

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