Friday, December 7, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday - Day 9 - Sequined Socks

In my inspiration post, I mentioned that I really liked these stockings.

{ image via House of Turquoise, photo by Joie LaLa Photography }

In fact, I still really do.

However, I was perusing the Dollar Tree, minding my own business and looking for a lint brush when I a silvery sparkle caught my eye. 

I could only find two of these stockings, so Beauregard will have to settle for something else, since the two girls in the house{myself and Sasha} deserve the bling.  They also match my tree skirt and handmade pillow perfectly.

I wanted to DIY  the inspiration stockings, and even bought some sequins, but these were a dollar. 
And the thriftiness of that kind of made my day.

Also, if I end up having some time later in the season, I can turn my one dollar stockings inside out and have a plain white stocking to work with. 

So next time you're at the dollar tree, don't just look at the outside of something, try to see the potential in an item used for a different purpose.

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