Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday - Day 8 - Oh Deer!

{clever, I know}

As I mentioned in my introduction post, I'm not a big fan of Santa & Frosty, but I love snowflakes and deer for the holiday season.  Unfortunately, I had nothing deerish until recently when I picked up this bronzey bowl from Goodwill, complete with reindeer handles.

I'll admit it, I had all intentions of selling this baby on etsy, but then I got to thinking how cool it actually is, and now its sitting on my coffee table holding some of my paint-swirled ornaments.

The second deer living in my home started out as a bland little garage sale purhcase with a crazy eye. 

He had a chip, and his color was fading, so I took him outside, gave him a shower of textured spray paint, and now look at him.  No more crazy eye. 

I was going to glitter him, but the spray paint gave him a just enough sparkly texture and I didn't have to get glitter everywhere.  Now he sits upon my shelf unit in my dining room.

Speaking of glitter...
Yes, I did make a piece of glitter stag art, like everyone else in the blog-world.

Call me a poser if you want, but I think he's pretty handsome.
I got the template from Lyndsey @ the Loflands

Since I didn't want to spring for a new canvas, I simply primed and painted over an old Corks'N'Canvas piece of art that no longer matches my home...all while watching A Charlie Brown Christmas on my TV from 1992.

{ after 1 coat }

I then cut out my template, traced over it, and painted it in Martha Stewart gold paint, just in case some paint would happen to show through the glittering.

{ creative shading }
A whole bunch of glitter later...

And this is the finished product that lives above my bar cart.

Oh, and just so you don't think I can get things done without a little's how the scene mostly went down, with Sasha underfoot the whole time.

   Did you spray paint or glitter anything recently?
  An ornament?  A ceramic animal?  Your child?  Or did you just find the coolest bowl ever?

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