Monday, December 3, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday - Day 5 - Not Quite Ribbon

Riddle me this:

What comes in a trillion colors, is cheap, and is kinda like ribbon?
To find our answer, we will look to the party store.
Crepe paper.

Thats where its at.

Since I chose unconventional colors, and I'm on a budget, I took a chance and picked up three rolls of crepe paper, in "seafoam", "aqua" and "white" for $3.00 plus tax. 

I added some streamers to my white curtains, rather than sew new curtains, and I think they do the trick draw your eye from the tree outward to the rest of the room.
PS - Oh, and notice my bar cart! 
Before and After post coming soon!
I also placed some on the table beneath a platter of my handmade ornaments, and upon my shelf unit to inexpensively add my colors to the dining room.

Its like a birthday party for a whole month!

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