Friday, December 28, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday - Day 19 - Home for Christmas

Home is different for each of us.
Home to me, at this stage of my life, is my little condominium with a bay window and two Cocker Spaniels, but I also feel like my parent's house is "home" as well. 
I grew up in this little yellow house and I spent my Christmas Eve there. 

I carted my gifts home in a laundry basket, and loaded the bears up in the back of my Maddie May Mazda{with many towels...Beauregard likes to get carsick} and took the interstate east. 

I met my best friend from high school at her parents house{and her new little boy!}, went to church this one time a year, and then had our annual dinner from Wendy's with my family.
Yep, Wendy's. 
Its probably the only time each year that I have Wendy's but nobody wants to cook the night before Christmas.

After Wendy's I forgot to leave cookies out for Santa{aka Grams},  but I did fall asleep watching A Christmas Story, in my room from high school.

On Christmas morning,  I looked at our tree, ate candy for breakfast{where did Healthy Brandi go??}, and opened gifts.  I swear, my parents house is the only place where a tree with multicolored lights and a mish-mash of ornaments is attractive.

This skiing snowman was my favorite as a child...

or maybe it was this penguin which I have my own version of now!

I never liked this red reindeer and santa when I was younger, but the mid century modern-ness of them make my heart flutter now.

And this little trio of deer{including the one with a missing eye}, makes me smile.

I know that Christmas has just passed, and all of your families have unique traditions...would you care to share?
Am I the only one who annually has fast food on Christmas Eve?

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