Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday - Day 17 - Tree Details

You've already seen a gajillion photos of my white Christmas tree from afar, but I have yet to post many close up photos.
My reason is this:

My tree was cheap. 
Like $20.00 cheap. 
And it shows. 
The branches don't fit together all that great, and if I touch it too much, I think its going to fall apart. 
Its also kind of small.
{its okay girl, size doesn't matter that much}

But in a way, these things were a blessing for me this year.  I didn't feel like I needed to fill the tree up with things, only for the sake of doing it.  I felt like the ornaments I did place on the tree were special, pretty, and able to shine a little brighter since there were so few.


And the best part is, no matter what colors I choose next year, I'm fairly sure that white and silver are neutral enough to grace my future tree whether she be white or green.


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