Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday- Day 16 - Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

For most of my adult life, I wondered where people got these elaborate ugly Christmas sweaters which make appearances on facebook quite often.
I had seen plenty in Khols and JC Penney but I didn't want to spend my hard earned $34.99 on an "ugly sweater".  Do people really find these at Goodwill...cause I'm there a lot...and I don't see them.

I did see a plain black sweater though, and purchased it as a backdrop.

I then found felt ornaments featuring reindeer, christmas trees, gifts and snowflakes at Michaels, and took it upon myself to snip off the strings, and glue them onto my $3.49 sweater.
On the back, I glued wooden glitter letters to spell my name{to make my ugly sweater more jersey-licious}.

I paired my ugly sweater with a sort-of-too-tight-sort-of-too-short sequined skirt{because holiday = sequins} and red tights, to modest the whole thing up.

The party that I attended had a contest, and I did not win.

My Mom says its because my sweater was "cute".

I think its because a certain Brady rigged the election.

Have you gone to an ugly sweater party this year?

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