Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday - Day 12 - Sexy Skirt

Beauregard is a special dog in that he likes to sleep on the softest space available, which is a pillow on the sofa.
However, when I see him do that, I yell, "BEAUREGARD.  GET OFF THE SOFA!"{most of the time}.

{ guilty dog }
Since I currently don't have an area rug, Beau has taken to laying under the Christmas Tree on the skirt, and then messing it up everytime he moves.

See my rumpled up, flat, boring white tree skirt, which may have begun life as a tablecloth.

I wanted my skirt to have more fluff, but I didn't want to buy anything, so I dug through my guest room closet and found this piece of work.

Look familiar?

Yes, this was part of my halloween costume from 2011, as well as my tree skirt from 2011. 

Well, a bright pink tutu didn't exactly fit with my color scheme, but it was free and fluffy, and 2/3 ain't bad so
I wrapped the tutu around my tree's base...

and then put the white tablecloth-treeskirt over it.

Hmm..better, but still not good enough.
Did you notice in the first photograph of my bad bad bear, that shiny sequined pillow?
Go on, scroll back up...I'll wait.
Yep, I made a pillowcover and had a bunch of that fabric left guess what I did?

Yep, a little more swaddling for the base of my tree.
I really like the unfussy pooling look it creates, and just like the crepe paper "curtains", it helps draw your eye from the glitter letters above the tree to the ground, and then back through the living room because of the matching pillow and stockings.
It can also be reused later for a sewing project, and cost me all of $7.50 from JoAnns with a coupon.

While it may not be a traditional tree skirt{since I care so much about traditions...cough sarcasm cough}, I think it works perfectly for the space I'm trying to create.

What have you used for a tree skirt?

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