Monday, December 10, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday - Day 10 - Advent-agious

The month of December is flying by, and I doubt any one of us needs a prize-filled calendar to let us know that.

I'll be honest.
Being a single lady & looking at all the cool advent calendar ideas kind of makes me wish for a husband, or boyfriend or baby to share the 25 days of Christmas with, whether it be a fun-size kit kat bar, an ornament to hang on the tree, or a bunch of envelopes filled with adventures to be had.  However, before I get all Debbie Downer on you, I'll say this: life has many seasons and I always try to enjoy where I'm at now, whatever that place is, and however I got there. 

That being said, I decided not to reuse last year's calendar , but instead go a different route.  A little less scrapbook-y and a little more clean.

I have this piece of songlyrics artwork(more about lyrics here){swoon, Sufjan Stevens, swoon} which I have yet to hang back up after re-painting the living room...and I got this grand idea to cover the lyrics with a piece of posterboard using painters tape{I guess you could use washi tape as well} so that its removable.

To make the calendar, I simply printed out some numbers in a font and size I  liked{I would do some test prints first}, and then cut them out.  Shortly thereafter, I lost all patience with trying to evenly measure the number squares, and said "eff this".

The next day, I decided to use this photo from decor8 as my ispiration:

{ decor8 }

I then made a similar feeling calendar, and had it printed out to fit the frame. 
You can have this done at Office Depot or Kinkos. 

I then folded my paper, since it was a little too large because of margins and because I'm afraid of cutting straight lines.  Sasha did not help.  Beau was probably eating something he shouldn't have been while all this folding action was going on.

And then I taped it to the frame, being careful not to put the tape on the words, in case I reuse it.

Finished calendar!

And I have no idea where to put it...said Single Brandi.
Jeez, its been too long.

 Have you made any projects this season without any plans for where they will go?


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