Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This Post Brought To You By Target & My Crappy Phone

Yesterday I had to go to Target for some dinner-related items but somehow I found my self amongst the aisles filled with holiday ornaments and gift wrap.

I had told my coworker of my proposed holiday color scheme, and she mentioned that she had spotted some items of those colors at Target.  Honestly, I didn't believe her and thought surely that she had seen aqua and turquoise, not the cool and refreshing colors I'm dreaming of this December. 

She was correct!

I found a handful of items which were the perfect hues.  Unfortunately, my uber-crappy Motorola Bravo Smartphone wasn't so interested in taking a ton of good photos, but here are some items I thought would fit right into my holiday home. 
{and a few that wouldn't, but I liked anyway}

{silver reindeer on a bag}

{gift wrap}
{blurriest photo ever...but trust me...this white/silver/glittery/mint gift wrap is the shizz-nit}
{MORE colorful gift wrap}

{flask...makes me want to drink some whiskey at work}

{last gift wrap...I promise}

{this snowy own would be so cool on my white tree.  Why are you $6.00, Mr. Owl?}
{Mr. Penguin was $5.00...but I just may go back for him since my favorite ornament on my parent's Christmas tree is a wooden gray penguin}
{little birds, finally something I could afford ar 2/$1.00!}
Do you see all of this holiday goodness?
I really can't imagine having a whole new theme every year and purchasing every item for it.
I'm happy that I like crafting so that I dont have to spend $13,087.34 on my holiday home.

But if you want, please feel free to send gift cards, because no, my post wasn't actually sponsered by anything. 

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