Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Pumpkin Lady

I hope everyone had a delightful Halloween!

I went over to my old-neighbor Holly's house to help her hand out candy while her husband was at law school.

She lives in a new subdivision where all the young families flock and all the  houses look the same.  Its a nice, safe, neighborhood where you can get new construction at a good price, and while its not where I would choose to live, it certainly is cute & I love to go visit her and go on our weekly walk.

We thought that since the demographic of her subdivision is mostly young families, that we would be swamped with trick-or-treaters.  We didn't take into account the fact that she lives on a dead end we had far too much candy.  No floodgates opened, but rather a faucet of trick-or-treaters.

Holly & I  set up shop in here driveway in lawn chairs, ordered a pizza{the pizza guy was most appreciative of our candy handouts}, drank a brewsky, and handed out candy to more than a few small children, moms, and even one little girl's stuffed animal friend, "Duck". 

There was a scary guy in a trench coat riding a motorcylce and throwing out candy(a la' parade, not a la' a weopon) to the children who stopped by our house as well. The pumpkin ladies might now him, personally.

Did you have any cute trick-or-treaters or did you buy too much candy like we did?

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