Friday, November 16, 2012

I've Got a Sofa & Opinions

From the above photograph, you should deduct a few things:

1.) There is a big empty space where my old sofa/loveseat used to be.  A big thank you to Catholic Charities of Baton Rouge for taking my old furniture to help a refugee family from Cuba{and finding my lost remote!}.  A big BOOOOO to Here Today Gone Tomorrow Thrift Store for your terrible customer service.  When you say you are coming to my house on my one day off, I expect you to show up.  I expect it more when you tell me this twice in one day.  No, I will not be supporting your business in the future.

2.) My floors are still dirty.  I should get on that.  I did buy a new package of swiffer wipes though.

3.) My television is tiny and from 1993, but I don't care since I don't have cable because I'm not home enough to watch it.  I do like to play Super Nintendo on occasion though.  My favorite ten year old even thinks its cool.  To quote her, "Brandi, you may not update your electronics, but you do update your house". 

From the avove photograph, you should deduct a few more things:

1.) A certain Mister Karlstad came to me from IKEA via Blue Bag.  I'm mostly happy with their service{they deliver things from IKEA Houston to us folks along the I-10 to New Orleans for a fraction of the cost that IKEA charges}.  I did not like how their e-mails are signed "blue bag", rather than with a just kinda bothers me.  I also sent them a message to tell the driver to call one hour before arrival, but I guess that wasn't important because they called ten minutes before arrival....and I was taking a nice liesurely walk around the neighborhood and happened to be about half a mile away.  The delivery people were quite personable though, and if I need something big from IKEA, they are cheaper...but I'm not in love.

2.) I have a bunch of junk in my "dining area"

3. I have an ugly builder beige staircase wall which I haven't painted for the simple reason that I'm scared to DEATH to get on a ladder on stairs.  I'm actually a little hesitant to get on a step stool.  I think I'll paint just the part I can see from the living room.  #lazy#halfassed#doeswhatineeditto

All of that being said, this weekend I'll be swiffering, putting together furniture, halfway painting a wall,making Holiday blog posts, garage sailing, running 5ish miles, and watching some Twilight with Holly to get ready for the new one. 

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