Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday - Day 2 - Ornamental

As I mentioned earlier, my tree will be the cornerstone of my holiday home and since I have about 500 square feet to work with, Wendy the White Tree has to pull her weight.
After seeing some inspiring photos I knew that I wanted a mix of mint and tiffany blue ornaments. 
Too bad these colors aren't at all the big box stores on sale for $3.99 a box.

Since I chose unconventional colors, I decided the only way to get what I want is to do it myself. 

I found a tutorial over at Say Yes to Hoboken which outlined the steps to color your own glass ornaments using acrylic paint. All that I could find was plastic, so that's what I used. 

So I gathered my colors.  I actually used four colors in the same family so there is a little more depth to my tree. 

IMPORTANT NOTE NUMBER ONE: Don't buy ornaments with too small of an opening because paint won't flow through.  I'll be returning my smaller ornaments because they didn't work out.
IMPORTANT NOTE NUMBER TWO: Add just a tiny bit of water to your paint.  I suggest to add one or two drops into the ornament first, then add the paint. 

First I took off the top of each ornament.

Added a drop or two of water and then squeezed some paint inside.


...realized that swirling was entirely too slow...

Covered the opening with a paper towel and shook it like a saltshaker so the paint coated the whole interior.

Rigged up a "drying rack" out of bathroom cups and placed the ornaments upside down so that the excess would drain out and dry quickly.

It took me a few tries to get the perfect paint/water ratio, but once I found that two drips from the faucet and a sqeeze of paint would work, I was on a roll. 

I also contemplated filling my clear ornaments with glitter, confetti, yarn, ribbon, and sequins as well.

What have you put inside glass ornaments?
Anything exciting?

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