Monday, November 26, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday - Day 1 - Start with a Plan

The holiday season is one with many obligations{even for us single folks out there} and in order to accomplish what I want in terms of home decor, I need to start with a plan.

Or rather, some inspiration.

Since the cornerstone of my holiday home will be my Christmas Tree, I went ahead and purchased a white one from a local pharmacy when it was on sale in October.  I've also purchased some white lights with white cording in the past two months so that the cost wouldn't be so abrupt. 
My past tree, Bruce, was purchased from Rite Aid in 2004, and has served me well up until this year...and if I wanted to have a green tree, I would've unpacked him again. 

Since I had purchased my tree already, I wanted to stay focused on my color scheme and not end up buying a mish-mash of things, and I feel like the best way for me to do that is to have a few images always in my mind which really convey the direction I wanted my room to head in.  All of these are not necessarily in the tiffany blue/mint/silver/white theme I have chosen, but marry the elegant and whimsical with handmade and vintage touches.       

This first photo is really what I keep thinking of.  This is almost what I want. 

{Curtains & Pillows to match the tree via Apartment Therapy }

This year, I'm drawn to frosty colors like silver, white, mint and tiffany blue...not quite aqua or teal or blue.

A garland amongst the curtains?  I think, yes.

{ White curtains & Garland in the Window via The Happy Zombie }

These sequined stockings are just what I had in mind.  Joie La La, the photographer, said they are from Z Gallerie a few years back, but I want to try my hand a DIY-ing something similar.  Please, click on her link above for more beautiful photos from this shoot. 

{ via House of Turquoise }

Mint.  Yes!
{ via The Sweetest Occasion }
I'm not a big fan of Santa or Frosty, so you'll be seeing lots of snowflakes, reindeer, and glitter around my house.    
{ via pinterest }

Vintage Christmas.  Swoon.

via pinterest }

White lights inside?  My dining room already has this...can't wait to spruce it up a little!

{ via pinterest }
 Eclectic angel wings...I really like this image...but I think i need more 'stuff' in my holiday home. 

So, ladies{and gentlemen if there are any}, what is your holiday plan?  Do you have a chosen color theme, or are you a mix-match, go-as-you-please kinda girl{boy}? 


kranthi P said...
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kranthi P said...
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Debbie @ OtRD said...

Loving these color ideas! Thanks for the great inspiration!

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