Friday, November 30, 2012

I Accidentally Reformated My Memory Card & Stayed at a Hotel

So now I have to retake photos for A Brandi Sized Holiday. 

So, since I have no holiday goodness for you today, I thought I would share some photos from The Saint Hotel.

Its in the old Audubon Building on Canal Street in New Orleans, right next to the Ritz-Carlton.

My bed was comfy, and the room felt very cozy while still being cool and modern.

There were some weird blue lights in the hall, which made me feel a little more like I was at a rave{had I known what that's like...?}, than going to bed after Courtney's wedding.

All in all though, I would stay there again.

Enough of my blabbering and revisiting posts from May Twenty's the hotel!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday - Day 4 - Share Your Spirit

Unlike Buddy the Elf,
 I believe there are better ways of spreading Christmas cheer than singing loud for all to hear, especially since I don't have an auto-tuner like Lil' Wayne.

{ Parrott Design Studio via Etsy }

Personally, I like to send cards.  Its a lot quieter, and I think people might actually appreciate it.
For the past few years, I've joined the Angel Card Project.  Never heard of it?  Click on the link! 

Basically, one person organizes names and addresses that friends and family members submit of people who could use some cheering up this holiday season.  After December 5, a master list is e-mailed to all the volunteers with a little blurb about each person, and then the volunteers mail out a card to the people they choose.

{ Lucky Penny Paper Co via Etsy }
I love mail and stamps, so I usually pick about 15 folks to share my holiday spirit with.  I actually saved my 2010 list{with names circled} and once I recieved the 2011 list and made my choices, I was suprised to find that sometimes my choices overlapped.

 What can I say, I'm a sucker for someone in a nursing home. 

And don't be worried that you won't know what to write to a stranger... I usually say something like, "A little birdie told me that you could use some Christmas cheer...". 

{ Bellyzover via Etsy }
You must sign up by December 5, so if you're thinking about it, go ahead and do it today!  You don't have to send 100 or even 3.  You can send one and know that you have brightened one other person's day.  Their numbers are down this year, so each card truly makes a difference. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday - Day 3 - Including Fabric

I love fabric.
I love any excuse to buy it.
And I love making yo-yos way more than any normal person should.

That being said, I created some yo-yo ornaments for A Brandi Sized Shop, in two sizes.  The large ornaments have a white background, and the small ornaments have no background.

Each one has a white ribbon for hanging.

If you're not into tiffany blue, I have several other colors available in my shop, including red, green, and pink

Will you be creating any ornaments for your tree?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday - Day 2 - Ornamental

As I mentioned earlier, my tree will be the cornerstone of my holiday home and since I have about 500 square feet to work with, Wendy the White Tree has to pull her weight.
After seeing some inspiring photos I knew that I wanted a mix of mint and tiffany blue ornaments. 
Too bad these colors aren't at all the big box stores on sale for $3.99 a box.

Since I chose unconventional colors, I decided the only way to get what I want is to do it myself. 

I found a tutorial over at Say Yes to Hoboken which outlined the steps to color your own glass ornaments using acrylic paint. All that I could find was plastic, so that's what I used. 

So I gathered my colors.  I actually used four colors in the same family so there is a little more depth to my tree. 

IMPORTANT NOTE NUMBER ONE: Don't buy ornaments with too small of an opening because paint won't flow through.  I'll be returning my smaller ornaments because they didn't work out.
IMPORTANT NOTE NUMBER TWO: Add just a tiny bit of water to your paint.  I suggest to add one or two drops into the ornament first, then add the paint. 

First I took off the top of each ornament.

Added a drop or two of water and then squeezed some paint inside.


...realized that swirling was entirely too slow...

Covered the opening with a paper towel and shook it like a saltshaker so the paint coated the whole interior.

Rigged up a "drying rack" out of bathroom cups and placed the ornaments upside down so that the excess would drain out and dry quickly.

It took me a few tries to get the perfect paint/water ratio, but once I found that two drips from the faucet and a sqeeze of paint would work, I was on a roll. 

I also contemplated filling my clear ornaments with glitter, confetti, yarn, ribbon, and sequins as well.

What have you put inside glass ornaments?
Anything exciting?

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday - Day 1 - Start with a Plan

The holiday season is one with many obligations{even for us single folks out there} and in order to accomplish what I want in terms of home decor, I need to start with a plan.

Or rather, some inspiration.

Since the cornerstone of my holiday home will be my Christmas Tree, I went ahead and purchased a white one from a local pharmacy when it was on sale in October.  I've also purchased some white lights with white cording in the past two months so that the cost wouldn't be so abrupt. 
My past tree, Bruce, was purchased from Rite Aid in 2004, and has served me well up until this year...and if I wanted to have a green tree, I would've unpacked him again. 

Since I had purchased my tree already, I wanted to stay focused on my color scheme and not end up buying a mish-mash of things, and I feel like the best way for me to do that is to have a few images always in my mind which really convey the direction I wanted my room to head in.  All of these are not necessarily in the tiffany blue/mint/silver/white theme I have chosen, but marry the elegant and whimsical with handmade and vintage touches.       

This first photo is really what I keep thinking of.  This is almost what I want. 

{Curtains & Pillows to match the tree via Apartment Therapy }

This year, I'm drawn to frosty colors like silver, white, mint and tiffany blue...not quite aqua or teal or blue.

A garland amongst the curtains?  I think, yes.

{ White curtains & Garland in the Window via The Happy Zombie }

These sequined stockings are just what I had in mind.  Joie La La, the photographer, said they are from Z Gallerie a few years back, but I want to try my hand a DIY-ing something similar.  Please, click on her link above for more beautiful photos from this shoot. 

{ via House of Turquoise }

Mint.  Yes!
{ via The Sweetest Occasion }
I'm not a big fan of Santa or Frosty, so you'll be seeing lots of snowflakes, reindeer, and glitter around my house.    
{ via pinterest }

Vintage Christmas.  Swoon.

via pinterest }

White lights inside?  My dining room already has this...can't wait to spruce it up a little!

{ via pinterest }
 Eclectic angel wings...I really like this image...but I think i need more 'stuff' in my holiday home. 

So, ladies{and gentlemen if there are any}, what is your holiday plan?  Do you have a chosen color theme, or are you a mix-match, go-as-you-please kinda girl{boy}? 

Friday, November 23, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday

Yesterday was Thanksgiving{and I ran a 5k turkey trot with the only reason being that I wanted a long-sleeved cotton t-shirt} and now I can officially decorate for Christmas without giving myself a Christmas Violation.

I've been ridiculously excited about this Christmas ever since October.

Now, I know I shouldn't rush life as it passes all too quickly, but once I heard that new flooring was in my future, and my living room was painted a cool gray, I started planning a very different holiday decorating theme.

In years past, I've had a green tree with black & white ornaments & a green tree with hot pink and white ornaments, but having darker wood floors and lighter gray walls, I finally found the courage to get a white tree and decorate my home with silver/white and mint/tiffany blue accents.

I haven't found too much using this color scheme, so I'll mostly be winging it with the help of pinterest and etsy, and I'll be sharing my journey from "regular condo" to "holiday condo" with all my readers in a series of 12-ish posts.
I only have 1080 square feet of living space{and only about 500 is downstairs}, but I have a ton of ideas.

I'm so excited you will be joining me!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Welcome Home, Karl with a K

Just a few days ago, the only seating in my home was packed away in a box.  This past Saturday, I found the time to finally tackle the process of assembling a sofa all by myself.

Ikea instructions were not difficult to understand{even with no words}, and though my house looked like an episode of Hoarders: Cardboard Edition for an hour or so, the outcome was divine!  I only needed a hand to flip the entire thing over, but thank goodness one of my neighbors had a husband I could borrow for three minutes.

So now I have my very own Karlstad.

The smaller scale sofa is a much better fit for my long skinny condo, and the exposed legs make it feel even airier.  Beauregard is helping you see the scale.  Those two pillows are ones that came with my old sofa that I recovered.  They are a little big, but not out of place. Note to self, pull the slipcover tighter on the left hand side. 

Way back in August when Hurricane Isaac hit and my floor was damaged, I said, "I hope I get m house put back together in time to decorate for Christmas".  I really didn't think it would take me two and a half months to have it mostly finished.  I say "mostly" because as any home blogger knows, home is a work in progress.

Time to prime my staircase wall{that I can see}... 

Friday, November 16, 2012

I've Got a Sofa & Opinions

From the above photograph, you should deduct a few things:

1.) There is a big empty space where my old sofa/loveseat used to be.  A big thank you to Catholic Charities of Baton Rouge for taking my old furniture to help a refugee family from Cuba{and finding my lost remote!}.  A big BOOOOO to Here Today Gone Tomorrow Thrift Store for your terrible customer service.  When you say you are coming to my house on my one day off, I expect you to show up.  I expect it more when you tell me this twice in one day.  No, I will not be supporting your business in the future.

2.) My floors are still dirty.  I should get on that.  I did buy a new package of swiffer wipes though.

3.) My television is tiny and from 1993, but I don't care since I don't have cable because I'm not home enough to watch it.  I do like to play Super Nintendo on occasion though.  My favorite ten year old even thinks its cool.  To quote her, "Brandi, you may not update your electronics, but you do update your house". 

From the avove photograph, you should deduct a few more things:

1.) A certain Mister Karlstad came to me from IKEA via Blue Bag.  I'm mostly happy with their service{they deliver things from IKEA Houston to us folks along the I-10 to New Orleans for a fraction of the cost that IKEA charges}.  I did not like how their e-mails are signed "blue bag", rather than with a just kinda bothers me.  I also sent them a message to tell the driver to call one hour before arrival, but I guess that wasn't important because they called ten minutes before arrival....and I was taking a nice liesurely walk around the neighborhood and happened to be about half a mile away.  The delivery people were quite personable though, and if I need something big from IKEA, they are cheaper...but I'm not in love.

2.) I have a bunch of junk in my "dining area"

3. I have an ugly builder beige staircase wall which I haven't painted for the simple reason that I'm scared to DEATH to get on a ladder on stairs.  I'm actually a little hesitant to get on a step stool.  I think I'll paint just the part I can see from the living room.  #lazy#halfassed#doeswhatineeditto

All of that being said, this weekend I'll be swiffering, putting together furniture, halfway painting a wall,making Holiday blog posts, garage sailing, running 5ish miles, and watching some Twilight with Holly to get ready for the new one. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This Post Brought To You By Target & My Crappy Phone

Yesterday I had to go to Target for some dinner-related items but somehow I found my self amongst the aisles filled with holiday ornaments and gift wrap.

I had told my coworker of my proposed holiday color scheme, and she mentioned that she had spotted some items of those colors at Target.  Honestly, I didn't believe her and thought surely that she had seen aqua and turquoise, not the cool and refreshing colors I'm dreaming of this December. 

She was correct!

I found a handful of items which were the perfect hues.  Unfortunately, my uber-crappy Motorola Bravo Smartphone wasn't so interested in taking a ton of good photos, but here are some items I thought would fit right into my holiday home. 
{and a few that wouldn't, but I liked anyway}

{silver reindeer on a bag}

{gift wrap}
{blurriest photo ever...but trust me...this white/silver/glittery/mint gift wrap is the shizz-nit}
{MORE colorful gift wrap}

{flask...makes me want to drink some whiskey at work}

{last gift wrap...I promise}

{this snowy own would be so cool on my white tree.  Why are you $6.00, Mr. Owl?}
{Mr. Penguin was $5.00...but I just may go back for him since my favorite ornament on my parent's Christmas tree is a wooden gray penguin}
{little birds, finally something I could afford ar 2/$1.00!}
Do you see all of this holiday goodness?
I really can't imagine having a whole new theme every year and purchasing every item for it.
I'm happy that I like crafting so that I dont have to spend $13,087.34 on my holiday home.

But if you want, please feel free to send gift cards, because no, my post wasn't actually sponsered by anything. 
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