Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You're a Peach

the other day, I started to prep my living room for priming and painting since I know new flooring is in my future.
After all...who wants to worry about paint getting all over the brand new floor when you can not worry about the paint getting on the old-soon-to-be-ripped-out floor?
After removing all the outlet covers and patching some holes, I decided to finally remove an old motion detector from a now-defunct alarm system.
I pried and pulled, and beneath my Mercer Blue paint and the boring beige I moved in to, I found this monstrosity.


My living room was peach.
Now, I'm sure some very cool people could make this color work and look amazing, but I did make a cursory look on pinterest and everything I saw made me want to throw up.
The misery.  

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