Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Two Things & An Advertisement

Rememeber this here list of things I wanted to accomplish with my living room?
Well, it looks like I've already got the first one done{see my priming fun post}, and the second one set for completion next week.


Turns out that item number three isn't going so well because apparently no one wants to buy my hand-me-down loveseat on craigslist, and I haven't yet listed my well worn sofa.  Truth be told, its comfortable, and when its slipcovered its not so bad, but I purchased it long before I knew that Beau and Sasha were coming to be my bear-children, and they have taken a toll upon it.

I'll be scotchgard-ing the next one.

That being said, I would like to order my sofa soon, but I would also like to pay for at least half of it from now until SPD{sofa purchase day}, all funds generated from A Brandi Sized Shop will go into my imaginary/don't-move-it-out-of-my-paypal fund!

A Brandi Sized Shop is filled with vintage and handmade goodies created and found in the Capitol City of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

{ ABS Shop }
{ ABS Shop }
{ ABS Shop }
{ ABS Shop }
{ ABS Shop }
ABS Shop

And while I'm here blabbing about my shop, I would also like to mention my friend Charlotte's etsy shop, Living La Vida Vintage.

{ Vintage Kodak Instamatic via Living La Vida Vintage }

{ 50 corks via Living La Vida Vintage }

{ Vintage Silver Clamshell Three-Section Tray via Living La Vida Vintage}

Oh, and PS -

Thank you, everyone, for your blog & shop support.
And for listening to me talk about nothing for the last two years.

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