Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rooms for Living

Someone once asked me what I actually do in my living room.
Well, the answer is...not much.

I don't have cable or a quality television for that matter, so my 1992 box TV is only good for a random DVD of Newlyweds or some Super Nintendo with my favorite ten year old. 
I'm not exaggerating either...My TV really is from my bedroom growing up{its got a Helen of Troy flat iron burn on the side} and while a nice flat screen would be easier to decorate around, I just can't justify the cost for such a rarely-used item.

So TV is out...what else is there to do in a living room?

Stare at a fireplace?
Nope, don't have one of those{but I've got a bay widow; eat your heart out mantle-lovers}.

Read a book?
Yes!  I like to do that in my living room!

Hang out with the Bears?
Indeed.  They like chillin' with their momma. 

Sew some fabric yo-yos & make a yarn wreath?
Why yes, I could spend a few hours sewing yo-yos and making yarn wreaths.

Oh wait, I have an etsy shop for that.

All of that being said,  I basically use this room for lounging...and here are some inspiration rooms for your viewing pleasure...

{ pinterest }

{ pinterest }

{ the lennox }

And something keeps drawing me back to this room...every single time.  When someone says, what's your favorite room, I think of this next photo...

{ pinterest }

Isn't it just perfectly mis-matched and eclectic?
I'm aiming for a mish-mash of the above rooms, and I can't wait for then next step.

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