Monday, October 15, 2012

Primed for Action

Praise the Lord,
the peach is gone and there is some fresh paint on the walls!

 I bought some paint samples for this project earlier in the year, but couldn't make up my mind, so I just painted over it with the original color, but once I decided to get this done, I pulled out the samples again and put them on the walls.

Of course, the lovely Lowes employees did not put the name of the paint on the sample, so I have no idea what they are.

The left color was too purple-y.
The middle color was too blue-y.
The right color was just right!

So I primed

And primed...

And primed...
{and patched over the removed motion sensor}

And put on one coat of paint...

And then a second coat...

And then I was so ready to be done that I didn't even push my funiture back to its proper home{or put up the "C" from "ETC" that was a casualty of the process}.

I pretty much couldn't walk after climbing up and down off that red chair in order to paint the tops of the walls...and while my thighs and quads and butt and everything else cursed me for days, the difference was huge.

This room was the first one I painted after purchasing my home three years ago, and I loved the Mercer Blue, but I was ready for a change...and this gray feels very modern and clean, and seems to add square footage. 
And as every townhouse owner knows,
adding square footage is always needed.

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