Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One Step At A Time

  • I ordered my flooring last Monday.
  • My tile guy went and picked it up from the warehouse last Friday.
  • Saturday, I ran my Oktoberfest 3 Mile race in 28:07...WOO!!
  • The temperature in Baton Rouge dropped ye-about 25 degrees.
  • I got to sleep late Monday morning because my contractor picked up the flooring from the floor guy at 8:30 am. 
  • Apparently laminate & temperature fluctuations don't get along, because the contractor said that if he wanted to do a good job, he would need the floor to settle before putting it down.
  • Contractor ripped out my old flooring, and I'm rockin' a concrete slab for the next few days.
  • That explains this current state of my living room:

A little piece of my heart really likes the solid surface flooring, and a little piece of my heart also wants to paint the floor, like...now before they install the laminate.
But a big piece of me has running & couponing to do after work today and candy to hand out after work tomorrow, and really, why do I need to paint my slab anyway?

Thursday though, should be new floor day!

And November First.

Oh Mr. November...in case you didn't know it, I just wanted to tell you this in a very loud voice.


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