Thursday, October 18, 2012


I think I've made an almost-decided decision about which sofa to purchase for my living room.

I say "almost-decided" because I haven't exactly made up my mind, but I think I have.

{ ikea }
The Karlstad from IKEA in Islunda Gray.

I don't live near IKEA{the EBR/NOLA area needs one}, so my friend Caroline is going to sit in it for me when she goes to the store.

{ via Our Mid Century }

I also plan on changing the legs and possibly looking into some tufting a la Our Mid Century...

{ ikea }
Maybe adding a yellow pillow...
{ Domosfera }
and placing some fun accessories around it...
{ sarah m dorsey designs }
Should I add some nailhead trim like Sarah did...
{ Makely School for Girls }
Or let the sofa blend into the background while letting the rest of the room shine like Lindsay did?
Does anyone have the IKEA Karlstad sofa in Islunda gray?
Any suggestions?


Caroline said...


Unknown said...

The one from Sarah is the same kind of fabric as ours. I'm telling you, that fabric is like kryptonite for pet hair.

Unknown said...

This is Charlotte, btw.

Brandi said...

Charlotte & Caroline,

Between the two of you, my decision is solidified.

Mr. Karlstad, you'll be coming to the EBR soon!

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