Monday, October 1, 2012

In Progress

As you all may have seen in my last post, A Brandi Sized Blog will be getting a few little changes, to go along wit h the changes I'm making in my home.   I've neglected my little bloggy baby for a while, and though I don't promise to be a good blogger, I would like to show it some love.

The holiday season is almost upon us{okay...its October}, and I have quite a few ideas that I want to execute this year, using my blog as my little diary.  I might even have a twelve days of Christmas series.
Or six days.
Or whatever.
I do know, however, that my chosen color palette is one that I haven't seen much of on the internet yet, and I hope to give others some inspiration this year.
And if you can't wait until I post, please go look at my Holiday Decor Pinterest Board .

Also, I will be getting new floors in the near future at my condo,
{water damage, boo}
 but choosing new laminate has spurred a few other changes around my home which I've wanted to do, but hadn't felt pushed to do until now.
I'll keep you guys informed as changes occur.
To get an idea, 

Hell, go look at any of my pinterest boards!  If you follow me, odds are that I will follow you back.  Inspiration is everywhere!

{ps - those glitter textures in my new header are from Pugly Pixel. She has some awesome things. I really need to sit down and READ her whole site.}

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