Thursday, October 4, 2012


{ photo by me }

Louisiana is not know for having nice weather, but in October, the 100 degree temperatures dissapate, and its actually cool at night. 
Days like these are meant for falling in love{is that why they call it fall?}, and drinking coffee, and vacationing in New England, and running an Oktoberfest 5k, since apparently you're too old to go to the real German party.  Its better now though...I can spend $10.00, run a race, and get free beer.  Free Abita Amber?  Not quite the same as a nice Franziskaner Hefe Weizen, but it works for me.

PS- I hate the word "fall".  All the other season's have six letters, and if you say, "autumn", it does too.  Am I the only person on the planet worried about this? 
What does autumn mean to you?

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