Wednesday, October 31, 2012

An Original Halloween Joke

Q: What did the Ghost say to the Bees?
A: Boo Bees!

Truth be told, I've been saying this joke for years, and then one day circa 2006ish, I said it to my ex boyfriend.
Since then he's been telling that joke too.  "Ha Ha Mr. Brandi' always tell that 'Boobies' joke".
I started that joke and I just wanted to tell the whole world that, since it wasn't included in our pre-nup & I don't have any rights to jokes. 
{no we didn't have a pre-nup}
{yes, he might read this}

Maybe from now on, I'll start this one:

Q: What did the Ghost say at the party?
A: I'm here for the boos.

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Maybe its not quite as funny(because I don't have an excuse to say "boobies" to everyone), but I think its laughable.


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