Wednesday, October 31, 2012

An Original Halloween Joke

Q: What did the Ghost say to the Bees?
A: Boo Bees!

Truth be told, I've been saying this joke for years, and then one day circa 2006ish, I said it to my ex boyfriend.
Since then he's been telling that joke too.  "Ha Ha Mr. Brandi' always tell that 'Boobies' joke".
I started that joke and I just wanted to tell the whole world that, since it wasn't included in our pre-nup & I don't have any rights to jokes. 
{no we didn't have a pre-nup}
{yes, he might read this}

Maybe from now on, I'll start this one:

Q: What did the Ghost say at the party?
A: I'm here for the boos.

{ pinterest }

Maybe its not quite as funny(because I don't have an excuse to say "boobies" to everyone), but I think its laughable.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One Step At A Time

  • I ordered my flooring last Monday.
  • My tile guy went and picked it up from the warehouse last Friday.
  • Saturday, I ran my Oktoberfest 3 Mile race in 28:07...WOO!!
  • The temperature in Baton Rouge dropped ye-about 25 degrees.
  • I got to sleep late Monday morning because my contractor picked up the flooring from the floor guy at 8:30 am. 
  • Apparently laminate & temperature fluctuations don't get along, because the contractor said that if he wanted to do a good job, he would need the floor to settle before putting it down.
  • Contractor ripped out my old flooring, and I'm rockin' a concrete slab for the next few days.
  • That explains this current state of my living room:

A little piece of my heart really likes the solid surface flooring, and a little piece of my heart also wants to paint the floor, before they install the laminate.
But a big piece of me has running & couponing to do after work today and candy to hand out after work tomorrow, and really, why do I need to paint my slab anyway?

Thursday though, should be new floor day!

And November First.

Oh Mr. case you didn't know it, I just wanted to tell you this in a very loud voice.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Two Things & An Advertisement

Rememeber this here list of things I wanted to accomplish with my living room?
Well, it looks like I've already got the first one done{see my priming fun post}, and the second one set for completion next week.


Turns out that item number three isn't going so well because apparently no one wants to buy my hand-me-down loveseat on craigslist, and I haven't yet listed my well worn sofa.  Truth be told, its comfortable, and when its slipcovered its not so bad, but I purchased it long before I knew that Beau and Sasha were coming to be my bear-children, and they have taken a toll upon it.

I'll be scotchgard-ing the next one.

That being said, I would like to order my sofa soon, but I would also like to pay for at least half of it from now until SPD{sofa purchase day}, all funds generated from A Brandi Sized Shop will go into my imaginary/don't-move-it-out-of-my-paypal fund!

A Brandi Sized Shop is filled with vintage and handmade goodies created and found in the Capitol City of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

{ ABS Shop }
{ ABS Shop }
{ ABS Shop }
{ ABS Shop }
{ ABS Shop }
ABS Shop

And while I'm here blabbing about my shop, I would also like to mention my friend Charlotte's etsy shop, Living La Vida Vintage.

{ Vintage Kodak Instamatic via Living La Vida Vintage }

{ 50 corks via Living La Vida Vintage }

{ Vintage Silver Clamshell Three-Section Tray via Living La Vida Vintage}

Oh, and PS -

Thank you, everyone, for your blog & shop support.
And for listening to me talk about nothing for the last two years.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012


I think I've made an almost-decided decision about which sofa to purchase for my living room.

I say "almost-decided" because I haven't exactly made up my mind, but I think I have.

{ ikea }
The Karlstad from IKEA in Islunda Gray.

I don't live near IKEA{the EBR/NOLA area needs one}, so my friend Caroline is going to sit in it for me when she goes to the store.

{ via Our Mid Century }

I also plan on changing the legs and possibly looking into some tufting a la Our Mid Century...

{ ikea }
Maybe adding a yellow pillow...
{ Domosfera }
and placing some fun accessories around it...
{ sarah m dorsey designs }
Should I add some nailhead trim like Sarah did...
{ Makely School for Girls }
Or let the sofa blend into the background while letting the rest of the room shine like Lindsay did?
Does anyone have the IKEA Karlstad sofa in Islunda gray?
Any suggestions?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rooms for Living

Someone once asked me what I actually do in my living room.
Well, the answer is...not much.

I don't have cable or a quality television for that matter, so my 1992 box TV is only good for a random DVD of Newlyweds or some Super Nintendo with my favorite ten year old. 
I'm not exaggerating either...My TV really is from my bedroom growing up{its got a Helen of Troy flat iron burn on the side} and while a nice flat screen would be easier to decorate around, I just can't justify the cost for such a rarely-used item.

So TV is out...what else is there to do in a living room?

Stare at a fireplace?
Nope, don't have one of those{but I've got a bay widow; eat your heart out mantle-lovers}.

Read a book?
Yes!  I like to do that in my living room!

Hang out with the Bears?
Indeed.  They like chillin' with their momma. 

Sew some fabric yo-yos & make a yarn wreath?
Why yes, I could spend a few hours sewing yo-yos and making yarn wreaths.

Oh wait, I have an etsy shop for that.

All of that being said,  I basically use this room for lounging...and here are some inspiration rooms for your viewing pleasure...

{ pinterest }

{ pinterest }

{ the lennox }

And something keeps drawing me back to this room...every single time.  When someone says, what's your favorite room, I think of this next photo...

{ pinterest }

Isn't it just perfectly mis-matched and eclectic?
I'm aiming for a mish-mash of the above rooms, and I can't wait for then next step.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Primed for Action

Praise the Lord,
the peach is gone and there is some fresh paint on the walls!

 I bought some paint samples for this project earlier in the year, but couldn't make up my mind, so I just painted over it with the original color, but once I decided to get this done, I pulled out the samples again and put them on the walls.

Of course, the lovely Lowes employees did not put the name of the paint on the sample, so I have no idea what they are.

The left color was too purple-y.
The middle color was too blue-y.
The right color was just right!

So I primed

And primed...

And primed...
{and patched over the removed motion sensor}

And put on one coat of paint...

And then a second coat...

And then I was so ready to be done that I didn't even push my funiture back to its proper home{or put up the "C" from "ETC" that was a casualty of the process}.

I pretty much couldn't walk after climbing up and down off that red chair in order to paint the tops of the walls...and while my thighs and quads and butt and everything else cursed me for days, the difference was huge.

This room was the first one I painted after purchasing my home three years ago, and I loved the Mercer Blue, but I was ready for a change...and this gray feels very modern and clean, and seems to add square footage. 
And as every townhouse owner knows,
adding square footage is always needed.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

10-11-12 & a Birthday

Today is my Gram's Birthday.
Here are some fun facts about my great grandmother:

{ Grams on the far left }
She is the youngest daughter of Barney & Ruth Moses, born in 1926, in Deridder, Louisiana, and the only one still living.

She's lived in her little yellow house for over 50 years, and cut her own lawn with a push mower until this year.  When I go home, this is where I go.

She's less than 5'0 tall, but don't let that fool you...she's awfully feisty...I think I get that from her.  She still has her 1990 Caprice Classic...she's so thug.

Happy Birthday, Grams!
I Love you!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You're a Peach

the other day, I started to prep my living room for priming and painting since I know new flooring is in my future.
After all...who wants to worry about paint getting all over the brand new floor when you can not worry about the paint getting on the old-soon-to-be-ripped-out floor?
After removing all the outlet covers and patching some holes, I decided to finally remove an old motion detector from a now-defunct alarm system.
I pried and pulled, and beneath my Mercer Blue paint and the boring beige I moved in to, I found this monstrosity.


My living room was peach.
Now, I'm sure some very cool people could make this color work and look amazing, but I did make a cursory look on pinterest and everything I saw made me want to throw up.
The misery.  

Friday, October 5, 2012

I Need Some Mums

  • 3:08 pm
  • I'm wearing my Thanksgiving Shirt since its less than 100 degrees outside...and by "Thanksgiving Shirt", I mean vintage 1982 shirt with applique plaid leaves.
  • This sounds terrible, but its really quite cute.
  • And festive.
  • My front door wants to be festive too.
  • I need some mums to flank my front door, but the ones at Home Depot were not fluffy and were housed in solo-cup looking pots.
  • Men like Home Depot; Women like Lowes.
  • At least thats what I've been told.
  • Looking foreward to thrifting and crafting and being lazy tomorrow.
  • And Starbucks iced coffee.
  • Everyone is on the pumpkin spice latte kick, but I'm still into iced coffee.
  • Its also a helluva lot cheaper.
  • Enjoy your weekend, dears!
  • You only live once; create joy!
  • 3:30 pm

Thursday, October 4, 2012


{ photo by me }

Louisiana is not know for having nice weather, but in October, the 100 degree temperatures dissapate, and its actually cool at night. 
Days like these are meant for falling in love{is that why they call it fall?}, and drinking coffee, and vacationing in New England, and running an Oktoberfest 5k, since apparently you're too old to go to the real German party.  Its better now though...I can spend $10.00, run a race, and get free beer.  Free Abita Amber?  Not quite the same as a nice Franziskaner Hefe Weizen, but it works for me.

PS- I hate the word "fall".  All the other season's have six letters, and if you say, "autumn", it does too.  Am I the only person on the planet worried about this? 
What does autumn mean to you?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First Thing's First

If you happened to read my post yesterday, and by read, I mean look at the picture, you will notice that I have quite a few things I want to get accomplished concerning my little living room.

Since there was water damage after Hurrican Isaac, I will be getting new laminate flooring, but while I wait for the insurance company to make some decisions, I've begun to narrow down my choices.

Currently, I have a piney-type laminate.

Don't the bears look excited about that? 

Its not terrible, but its not my first choice, and now that I can choose any flooring that I want{well...within carrera marble in this condo}, I decided to go with a much darker laminate.  

Right now, its between these two:

I've brought home a sample of the Maple and it looks good, but something tells me that I'll like the oak better.  Too bad no stores here in the Capitol City have a sample, so I had to order one.  After I receive it, I will make my decision, and then I can move along with my living room update. 

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