Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Floss first

-10:59 pm
- bedtime blogging again.
- are you supposed to floss before brushing?   I never floss before.  Always after.  No one ever told me.
- I love my dentist.  I should ask.
- fluoride should come in mint flavor for those of us without crowns. 
- strawberry or bubblegum?  Gross.
- I love me a spearmint snowball.
- I loved those when I was six, then I moved on to coconut & Mai tai flavors, and now im back to spearmint.
- artificial coloring and all.
- sweetness.
- quoting one of my favorite bloggers, "one time cannot begin without the expense of another".
- anna begins
- 11:06


Fallon said...

I'm really not sure of the correct way. I floss after brushing, but before mouthwash.

Brandi said...

Thats my order too.

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