Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mitzy Mitsubishi Meets Her Younger Sister : Part Four

Mitzy Mitsubishi Meets Her Younger Sister:
Part Four

Before I introduce to you Mitzy's younger sister, I would like to have a little tribute to my first car-love.
Mitz, you were good to me from day one, and I still remember how I gave you each one of your dents(love bites, if you will).
The very first one was after I had you for all of two weeks.
I was driving home from my friend Saralynn's house, and I pulled onto the road, where unfortunately, someone else already was.  The car I nicked was a beat up piece of junk, and the driver told me to just go because they couldn't tell if I caused any more damage.  Hi mom; guess I never told you about that one.
That dent is not the one in the photo above.  My driver's side back door dent is from a lady in a buick who backed into me, claiming that my car was "that color...I just couldn't see it".  Excuse me.  My car is not invisible.  Its tan.  That was the last dent she got.
That scuff on the bumper is from my ex boyfriend.
I asked him to take my car to get an oil change while I was at work.  He came back and said, "I have good news and bad news.  The good news is, I got you an oil change.  The bad news is, I backed into a truck."
My girl did not come with that spoiler.  My dear grandma graciously added some tint(woah, I'm cool), my spoiler and my sunroof aftermarket.  I parked under a crepe myrtle at an apartment for a year, and it took off my spoiler paint.  I left my sunroof open during a rainstorm, and then a week after without knowing it while living in Miller Mansion.  Sometimes she still smelled like mold.
My back bumper never fit just right after it was replaced.  I was sitting at a red light about a block from my apartment in college, when a drunk guy decided not to hit the brakes, but rather hit me.  His friend ran into the woods.  Drunk guy conveniently "locked his keys in his car" so we couldn't get his insurance information at the time.  Headache.
I didn't really like it.
And that bumper sticker on my car, yep, I earned it, and I put it there the day after I finished my 26.2 miles.
My gas tank was hard to close.  Mitzy's sister's gas tank is on the same side.  Yay, continuity.
I really don't think Mitzy will end up back on the road after her trade in, but if I ever see a tan Mirage with a messed up piece right here under the passenger side door, I'll know its her.  I drove over a curb, broke a rim, and made some ugly looking metal.  I fixed the rim, not the metal.
As for her front bumper, she's had three.  First, the original one.  I got my second bumper after I was leaving my last day of high school, a truck ahead of me went to turn left, and I went to turn quickly right.  Truck decided to stop.  I decided to get to know their hitch.  Third bumper came along after a drunk girl backed into me in a parking lot in college.  Fourth bumper was due to a construction company pushing a rock up from underneath a back-oh, and it ruining my bumper and absorber. 
Damn Mitz.

But she sure did have one pretty headlight...and one original one.

My Mitzy.  She and I had a great life.  A great  great life full of fun and adventures and french fries and sand and pink boas and maybe some drunk-driving(shh, those days are long gone!) and small parking spots and letting Courtney pick me up from Geography class on Fridays, and interesting parking lot conversations and and listening to 50 cent too loudly and never having a speeding ticket.
I will certainly miss her, but I honestly felt like she was telling me she was tired, and it was okay to let her go. 

And now that I've made myself out to look like the worst driver ever, and in love a car, I want to introduce you to Mitzy's younger sister...

Maddie May Mazda

{ Me and my Grams }
{ no, thats not her name }
 Welcome home, Maddie May.
You're already stealing my heart. 


Fallon said...

Maddie May is a doll!

Brandi said...

Maddie May is certainly a cool cat!

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